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The Boson Pack (also known as Boson-Dart-Equipped Proton Pack) is a refined prototype Proton Pack created by Egon Spengler for the sole purpose of generating Boson Darts.[1][2][3]


The Boson Pack is a new variation on the Experimental Proton Pack.[4] Unlike the many options of the latter, the Boson Pack solely generates Boson Darts. It was first used against the Gozerian Terror Bear. A few shots easily destabilized it. Egon also strapped on the prototype pack when the Ghostbusters confronted Idulnas atop the roof of the Shandor Building. It was then used on the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man while Ray Stantz set out to trap Gozer's essence.

The next year, when one of the Draugar walked into the Firehouse asking for Janine Melnitz, Ron Alexander donned the Boson Pack. He was irate no one else wanted to disperse the ghost into a fine mist. Ron incorporated the pack's Boson Dart capability into the Compact Pack and outfitted Janine with it for her battle against the Grendel.

Later in the summer, while in Janine's mind, Egon realized the power of mind was in play. After hurrying to a memory of the Firehouse, Egon strapped on the Boson Pack and made another demand to the Draugar to restore himself, Roger Baugh and Janine. A Draug rushed Egon and was dispersed with a direct hit. The other Draugar soon restored the trio to normal.

During an investigation at the St. Augustine Lighthouse on August 29, led by Special Agent Melanie Ortiz, the Boson Pack was brought along. Trapped in a lucid dream state, the Ghostbusters reunited in Egon's dream. The Sandman appeared to them. Recognizing the dream state was similar to his encounter with the Draguar, Egon visualized the Boson Pack and blasted Sandman. It felt pain for the first time.


  • Just like the Proton Pack from Ghostbusters: The Video Game, the Boson Pack needs periodic venting to perform correctly.[5]
  • Dan Schoening stated the Boson Pack was the result of a desire to see something big and bulky that could pack a punch. Schoening referenced a lot of airplane engines for the pack's design.[6]


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