Not to be confused with Lieutenant Frump from The Real Ghostbusters

Brent Mitchell [1] is police officer stationed at the 120th precinct of New York City.


Brent Mitchell was involved in an investigation of a Staten Island couple who had a supernatural encounter. When it was determined Karen Pearson lost her eye under bizarre circumstances, had no nerves severed, and there were no signs of forced entry into the Pearson's home, Mitchell tried to call the Ghostbusters but their phones were disconnected. He went in person to the Firehouse and asked them if they had some time to look at photographs. As they looked over photos taken of Karen, Mitchell asked them if they could look into the case. Soon enough, the Ghostbusters went to the Pearson house. Mitchell declined to go inside with them due to regulations in place. Once the Ghostbusters became attached to a police investigation, officers were required to stay out of the way until the all clear was given.



IDW Comics


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