Bruce's Bully Boys are rogue knights in service to Sir Bruce.[2]


Merlin bound Sir Bruce and his knights to a painting with magic. In the 1980s, they were freed when the painting was put on display at the Cloisters and unveiled at night during a full moon. Bruce directed the Bully Boys to awaken the others in the museum. Soon, the Cloisters was filled with Cloisters Manifestations. The Bully Boys acted as security and monitored all activity. After they detected the Unicorns' escape, one reported to Sir Bruce. They took after the Unicorns but retreated back to the Cloisters as sunrise approached. The Ghostbusters attempted to keep them outside with Proton Streams but failed. Peter Venkman posed as Merlin and tricked Sir Bruce into going outside again. Once he was trapped, the Bully Boys returned to their painting.



The Real Ghostbusters


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