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Bug's Stereo is an ad hoc stereo system cobbled together by Bug Grungie to find a new killer sound to rock to.


In Egon Spengler's laboratory, Bug put together a stereo system with whatever parts were around. Eventually, Bug finished it despite Smelly, his sister, complaining about how long it was taking. Smelly and Bug jammed to the extremely loud music it put out but the power required to keep it on only accelerated the plasma dynamic buildup from the Containment Unit after Foul Grungie improperly closed it. With less than two minutes left before the Containment Unit detonated, Smelly finally thought things were getting out of hand and wanted the music turned off. Bug went to do it but was caught in a power surge. Smelly ran down to the basement and asked her parents for help. Slimer, Peter, and Egon left to help the Grungie family. Slimer tackled Foul and stopped him from touching Bug. Egon warned everyone not to do anything while he handled the situation. He pulled out the plug, the stereo turned off, and Bug returned to normal.


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