The Cabbie was a taxi driver in New York City in the 2016 movie.


When Rowan North released all the ghosts in the city, Erin Gilbert tried to make her way back to the Ghostbusters' First Headquarters and suit up. She stopped at a corner and hailed a cab. The cabbie asked her where she was going. She asked him to drive her to Chinatown. The cabbie declined. It was one more block south than he wanted to go.[1] Erin informed him those were actual ghosts flying around. The cabbie wasn't concerned. He noted they were all Class 5 floating vapors and nothing to worry about. Erin emphasized it was important. Cabbie stated he didn't go to Chinatown, he didn't drive wackos, and stated, "I ain't afraid of no ghosts."[2] Erin tried to stop him but he drove away. She yelled out what he said was a double negative which meant he was afraid of ghosts. Erin realized she still had to go get her gear.


  • The Cabbie wasn't the first role thought of for Dan Aykroyd. A discarded idea was spiritual adviser named Rick Gale but it was cut for pacing.[3]
  • During filming in Boston for the scene, Erin runs down an alley. This was filmed on Hawes Street then she runs up to Kilby Street. The cab is driving down toward Liberty Square.[4]
  • Initially, the Cabbie was going to be attacked by a ghost as he drove away but it was decided that was too terrible a thing to do to Dan Aykroyd.[5]
  • There were more comebacks for Erin to say like "That's a double negative!" in the extended edition but they were deleted because it was deemed they extended the scene too much.[6]
  • In Ghostbusters 101 #4, Erin notes Ray Stantz looks like the Cabbie.
    • This is because Dan Aykroyd portrayed the two characters.


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