Cal and Jim[1] are a couple who rents one of their rooms to Jillian Holtzmann.


In search of a roommate, Jim placed an ad on Holtzmann answered the ad. Jim came to the conclusion that she was the worst roommate ever. Some time later, Cal and Jim called out to Holtzmann from the living room one afternoon. They announced NY1 News was reporting something about New York Harbor. Holtzmann went to the kitchen to pour coffee but she was jolted awake upon hearing the Ghostbusters were on the scene. She ordered Cal to turn up the sound. She watched as Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddemore, and Ray Stantz were interviewed about the appearance of a second Statue of Liberty next to the other. Holtzmann quickly suited up and took off. Cal asked her to pick up milk on the way home but she replied she couldn't because of the metaphysical crisis at hand then suggested Jim handle it since he was good at small tasks. Jim was upset. Cal reminded him she did save the world once and that should buy her some leeway. Jim admitted he would if she didn't pull that sort of excuse on his days off. He vowed to never put an ad on ever again.



IDW Comics


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