The Candelabrum Crawler is a ghost from the Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions). For strategy on defeating him, go to Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick Level (realistic version) article.

According to Tobin's Spirit GuideEdit

  • Category: Class II Vermin Imprinter
  • Type: Corporeal [dispersible]
  • Behaviors:


Candelabrum Crawlers are powered by swarming little vermin spirits who animate seemingly innocent light fixtures and turn them to sinister purpose. These spirits, primarily the imprint of an animal life force that once existed in our physical world, take over simple objects and then force them into a rough copy of their original physical form.

Contact Protocol:Edit

Candelabrum Crawlers are not much different than other crawler entities; they travel in swarms and have a short projectile attack. Disperse them with your Proton Stream as they attack or use Boson Darts to inflict damage on several Candelabrum Crawlers at once.

Manifestation Point:Edit


The Candelabrum Crawlers are kind of creature that walks on four candlesticks in place of feet.


  • Egon Spengler, while on the radio, refers to the Crawler as semi-dimensional rift entities and mentions the current state of the Sedgewick is a type of highly agitated environment that is a likely manifestation point.