Candi is an associate of Jack Hardemeyer and the Ghost Busted Army.


On a Wednesday afternoon, the army of ghosts made their move on Peter Venkman. Candi called the Ghostbusters and reported she was a 20 year old New York University student whose clothes were all stolen by a ghost. She requested Peter specifically to come and investigate at 4:30 pm. Both Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore immediately suspected it was a trap. They decided to go anyway.

When Peter and Winston arrived at her apartment unit 151, she answered while covered up in only a towel. Candi exclaimed how Peter was so famous. When she flirted back to Peter, she showed off her true self. Suffice to say, it was Peter's worst nightmare come true. With the help of Jack Hardemeyer, Candi and the Ghost Army captured Peter. Candi shocked Peter while several ghosts blasted him with Electron Streams and captured his soul with a trap designed to store the souls of the living.


Aside from taking on an attractive human form, Candi can also apply an electrical shock to her victims.


Ghost Busted (manga)

  • Chapter 5


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