The Captain's Bird is a small bird owned by Captain Jack Higgins that often sits on his hat.


Captain Higgins is constantly annoyed by his bird to the point that he wishes he could kill the bird if it wasn't already dead. Peter Venkman boarded a tugboat and went downstairs. Going door to door, Peter found the crew tied up and watched the bird go through a wall. During the assault on the Palopolis Maritime Museum, Slimer wrestled with the bird and ruined a couple displays. Slimer finally pinned it but realized he was surrounded by Jack Higgins' Crew, Slimer phased through the floor. The bird and its owner were both trapped by the Ghostbusters along with the rest of the ghostly pirate crew.


After Peter's encounter with the bird, Ray Stantz classified it as a G Class Avian Vapor with vocalization capabilities.[2]


The Real Ghostbusters


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