The Caribbean Pirate Ship Manifestation is the recurring manifestation of a pirate ship and its crew.


During one spring break, what was thought to be a party game was purchased in the Caribbean. Around October, a group of students gathered at a student dormitory on River Street in Savannah, Georgia started the play in the game. They accidentally caused a massive haunted pirate ship to manifest over the nearby Savannah River. The pirates would manifest each night for one hour starting at midnight. Each night, the ship got closer and closer until it made landfall more or less over River Street. Each night, the ship would then sail up and down the street and pirates would attack locals with increasing ferocity. The FBI tapped Special Agent Melanie Ortiz to intervene. It just so happened to be a busy time for both the New York and Chicago branches of the Ghostbusters and they were unable to lend out personnel.

With no time to waste, Melanie deputized two local Savannah FBI, Special Agents Johnson and Mitchell. With approval granted by Janine Melnitz, Melanie outfitted them with equipment. On October 14, the three agents confronted the manifestation. With little training, Johnson and Mitchell caused more damage than the ship and pirates. To make matters worse, trapped pirate ghosts kept re-appearing. After the third instance, Melanie realized the main manifestation was the ship. Using three Traps, the agents captured the ship. Melanie resubmitted her request, along with recommendations and suggestions from Ray Stantz, for a paranormal training program connected to the FBI and strongly urged its consideration.


The Caribbean Pirate Ship Manifestation is a Class 5 Massive Manifestation and P.K.E. readings were 000414.04 on the high spectrum.


The ship can repeatedly summon pirate constructs even if they are trapped.



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