Carl Rivera[1] (also known as Carlos)[2] is the older brother of Eduardo Rivera, husband of Beth Rivera, and father of Kevin Rivera. While Eduardo is a Ghostbuster, Carl is a police officer in memory of their deceased father.


At some point, Carl and Eduardo had a schism with each other and rarely spoke with each other. Despite the friction, Carl let Eduardo live in his guest room next door. Carl worked in a motorcycle unit for New York Police Department. In 1997, he found out Eduardo was a Ghostbuster and ordered him to move out. However, Kevin ran off on his own to recapture a Troll. Carl soon joined other officers at the Brooklyn Bridge but were overwhelmed by the nest of Trolls present. After the Extreme Ghostbusters trapped all the Trolls and Kevin was returned safe and sound, Carl changed his mind and Eduardo stayed at the guest room.


At first, Carl doesn't like the Ghostbusters and believes them to be disrespectful thugs. He later thinks otherwise when his son is attacked by a Troll and saved by Eduardo.


  • Carl's birth name is Carlos, but he is somewhat ashamed of his Hispanic heritage but insists he be called Carl and speaks in an American accent.
  • Carl doesn't get along with Garrett Miller at all.
  • On page one of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #10, Carl makes a non-canon cameo in panel 2 on the right side.


Extreme Ghostbusters

  • "Grease"
    • The FBI agents note Eduardo lives with his older brother, a cop[3]
  • "Rage"


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