Casey Jackson[1] is the mischievous younger brother of Roland Jackson, one of the Extreme Ghostbusters.


Casey is very mischievous and is a potential bad seed. Roland is oblivious to this fact despite his teammates' hints. After some time, Roland was allowed to give Casey a tour of the Firehouse. Casey wandered off and played pranks on the others, including placing his own earwax on a sample of the Grundel's ooze and pulling the hand-in-warm-water trick on Egon while he was sleeping. He only wanted to see the 'scary ghosts' Roland talked about but Egon reminded Roland the basement and Containment Unit was off-limits.

While Roland and Kylie were interrogating the Grundel a second time, he secretly hypnotized Casey into releasing him. The Grundel reunited with a transmogrified victim named Jack and proceeded to tempt Casey. Garrett and Roland caught up to Casey, who was already partially transformed as well as visibly shaken from what happened. Meanwhile, Kylie faced the Grundel alone in Casey's bedroom. Roland arrived and provided back up. Once re-trapped, Casey was returned to normal.


  • Casey reads J.N. Kline books.[2]
  • In "The Infernal Machine", a framed photograph of Casey and Roland can be seen on Roland's night stand.
  • In a draft of "Grundelesque", Casey is noted to be 8 years old.[3]


Extreme Ghostbusters


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