Chiam[1][2] is a student at the Beth Shalom Synagogue.


In 1997, Chaim used an ancient scroll from Prague to create a Golem to protect the synagogue and the community. The next week, the Golem attacked two vandals. Without admitting his connection to the Golem, Chaim informed the Extreme Ghostbusters that the safety of the synagogue and priceless scrolls were important to the head rabbi. Roland suspected Chaim was hiding something all along. A couple days later, the vandal's friends returned to exact some payback but the Golem attacked them, too. Chaim tried to command it to stop but was knocked aside. After the Extreme Ghostbusters destroyed it, the rabbi decided to destroy the scroll used to create it. Chaim was remorseful of his choice. Chaim was in Greenwich Village when Component Parts Emanations attacked a N.Y. Tours bus.


Extreme Ghostbusters


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