City Hall Park is a park associated with New York City Hall.


While the rest of the two teams of Ghostbusters went on a call to Ellis Island, Abby Yates and Egon Spengler took some equipment to City Hall Park in Lower Manhattan and collected data. Abby wore a Long-Range P.K.E. Scanner and used the Ghost Sniffer while Egon used the Ecto Monocle. They settled near the park's fountain and took readings. Abby realized the Ley Lines were in exactly the same place in her home dimension's Manhattan but they were energized and lit up. Egon found it fascinating. Abby asked if it looked as bad through the Ecto Monocle. Egon confirmed as much. Abby became concerned that even in the best case scenario, they couldn't stop the dimensional overlap from getting worse. Egon concurred and called up Jenny Moran to see if the 101 pilot team was still with her at the Warehouse. Since they involved with the overlap, Egon wanted to gather more information from them. They already went home for the night but Jenny remembered Ray Stantz still had a class scheduled for them the next day. She asked if something was up. He replied there was and abruptly hung up.


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