A Class 1 Entity (that is part of the Classification System) is the lowest class.


Primary Canon

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

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Secondary Canon

Taken from Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game

Class I: These are undeveloped forms, insubstantial and difficult to see. Interaction with environment is limited and enigmatic (e.g., spectral lights, voices and sounds, ectoplasmic vapors, etc.). Simple application of a proton pack beam is normally effective.

Taken from IDW Comics

Class 1 entities are lower-powered manifestations that lack enough psychokinetic mass to affect the physical environment. As a result, they tend to fade in and out of the physical plane. They are characterized as not being fully developed and as echoes of feeling. These entities are only capable of localized cold spots, unexplained lights and/or sounds, and occasionally, telekinetic contact. [1]

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Stylized

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Ghostbusters: The Board Game

List of Entities

Animated Series Class 1

The animated series doesn't follow the same rules as RPG and can go higher. To read more about it go to Animated Classifications


  1. Ghostbusters 101 Class Notes (2017). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters 101 #1" (2017) (Comic p.23). Class Notes reads: "Your basic catch-all, lower-powered manifestation. Lesser voices, entities that don't have enough psychokinetic mass to affect an environment in a substantial way. They're not fully developed, and are generally echoes of feeling. They may cause for localized cold spots, unexplained lights and/or sounds, as well as occasional light telekinetic bump. Their hold on this plane of existence is tenuous at best, and they can fade in and out of our own sphere of realization."
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