A Class 2 Entity (that is part of the Classification System)


Primary Canon

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

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Secondary Canon

Taken from Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game

Class II: Manifestations focused in this time and space, Class II ghosts and up can physically manipulate things in this world. These forms are vague, inconsistent, or incomplete (e.g., floating sheets, ghostly hands, animated lips, etc.) Although a proton pack beam is normally effective, some Class II ghosts have the capacity to return attacks.

Taken from IDW Comics

Class 2 entities have a slightly stronger grip on the physical plane than a Class 1 but also does not fully manifest. They do have the ability to possess inanimate objects for a longer span of continuous time. [1]

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Stylized

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Ghostbusters: The Board Game

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Animated Series Class 2

The animated series doesn't follow the same rules as RPG and can go higher. To read more about it go to Animated Classifications.


  1. Ghostbusters 101 Class Notes (2017). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters 101 #1" (2017) (Comic p.23). Class Notes reads: "A Class 2 has a slightly stronger grip on the material world than a Class 1, but not strong enough to manifest as a fully formed presence. Partial formations are enough to affect and manipulate the environment, as well as possess inanimate objects and to do so for a longer span of continuous time."
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