A Class 6 Entity (that is part of the Classification System) are animal like ghosts and act mostly like living animals.


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Class VI: Ghosts from lower life forms. A giant penguin was once seen attacking a mugger in Central Park. Later it was discovered the penguin was a ghost. Unique solutions are often required to handle these entities, including research into habitats, allergies, natural enemies, etc.

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A Class 6 entity manifest in forms and behaviors that are exclusively animal in nature. While they match the appetites and instincts of their living counterpart, a Class 6 can manifest in varying sizes. [1]

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The animated series doesn't follow the same rules as RPG and can go higher. To read more about it go to Animated Classifications.


  1. Ghostbusters 101 Class Notes (2017). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters 101 #1" (2017) (Comic p.23). Class Notes reads: "Like a class 3, a class 6 is recognizable in form and behavior -- but that form and those behaviors are exclusively animal in nature. With appetites and instincts to match their living counterparts, class 6 entities can make for some of the most dangerous regularly appearing manifestations. Especially as they are not necessarily restricted to a particular size and sometimes they figure that out."