Cleanin' Up The Town is a song performed by The Bus Boys that was featured in the movie Ghostbusters and its Soundtrack album.

Official Recordings

These are official recordings of the song by The Bus Boys that have been released to the public by Arista Records. Runtimes listed are the official runtimes as listed on the CD/cassette/record singles, images of most can be found in the Gallery section below. Some sources list a runtime that is a second or two different, so runtimes are listed as a guide and not meant to be 100% exact.

Music Video

Rarely seen, the video features the band running around town, interacting with Slimer via clips from the movie, and some stop-motion and claymation animation. The Ecto-1 is used, but none of the movie cast appear. Calvert DeForest appears as his Late Show with David Letterman character Larry "Bud" Melman in an intro and outro.


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Gonna tell you a story 'bout a little town I know
They had a real big problem with some big mean local ghosts
Those spooks were making the whole city loose control

Well, the mayor was frantic,
The town's folk panicked
But they had no sense of fear.
'Cause they knew what they were missin'
Were those boys with a mission
So they called 'em up right here

There was boxin' and trappin' and shootin' through the joint
Stepped right in and got down to the point
Those Ghostbusters came in,
Cleanin' up the town

Oh yeah!

About five O'clock those boys came up
And they could see those spooks were real,
And they knew they'd better get right to work
So they revved up the Ectomobile
Yeah, the boys were ready, their aim was steady
And their hearts were made of steel

Well, the mayor, he started dancin' around
And the whole town started to roar;
And they cheered each time they watched those slimers
Drop down through the floor.


There was boxin' and trappin' and shootin' through the joint
Stepped right in and got down to the point
You should've seen those spectors in a trace say
Those boys make me dance

Well, New York, New York's so happy now;
Every mom, dad, girl and boy.
Well, if the boys hadn't come to the rescue,
The spooks might still be makin' noise.




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