Coal Golem is from the Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions). For strategy on defeating him, go to Checking Out the Library Level (realistic version) article.

According to Tobin's Spirit Guide

  • Category: Class VI Bi-Dimensional Animator
  • Type: Unstable (wrangle parts)


Golems can bend objects to their will, manipulating them to form portions of their own physically manifested form. PK energy greatly enhances the Golem's ability to reconstitute damaged or destroyed portions of its "body." This Golem was formed from P.K.E.-charged coal in the NYC Public Library's furnace room.

What's so scary about a pile of coal? Nothing, until it balls up a massive fist and smacks you with it.

Contact Protocol:

Coal Golems are dangerous beasts! They're composed of hot, smoldering coals and use their fiery form to their advantage. Their Berserk attack inflicts major damage, and because the encounter with these beasts takes place in moderately cramped quarters, you are rarely out of their reach. Use your Stasis Stream to slow down and obliterate their PK energy reserves with Boson Darts to finish them off, wrangle their iron grate mouth off their bodies.

Manifestation Point:

  • New York City Public Library



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