The Coffee House Ghost[Note 1] was one of several ghosts to appear after Rowan North broke the barrier between worlds of the living and the dead. He appeared in the 2016 movie.


While Dean Harold Filmore was enjoying some good coffee at Clarks Coffee, he heard a lot of noise outside. He joked to the man on his right that City College must have let out then he noticed a rather odd chap to his left. A clear Boston Red Sox fan, the ghost yelled, "Yankees Suck!" Filmore got scared and ran off. The ghost wondered why he was in New York.


  • The ghost is a reference to the famous Yankees–Red Sox rivalry.
  • The ghost being a Boston Red Sox fan is also a nod to the principal filming conducted in Boston, Massachusetts.



  1. According to the cast list in the end credits of Ghostbusters (2016 Movie), this ghost is officially named Coffee House Ghost.