Note that this is a different canon from the previous 1984 and 1989 films. That version Columbia University is covered here.

Columbia University was the location that Erin Gilbert was a Professor at the beginning of the 2016 movie.


Erin Gilbert taught at Columbia University and was looking forward to an established career in the Physics Department. Those plans started to go downhill when Ed Mulgrave Jr. visited Erin saying he read her book and wanted her to check on an apparition at the Aldridge Mansion Museum. After the events at the museum, where Erin encountered Gertrude Aldridge, Dean Harold Filmore found the video Jillian Holtzmann and Abby Yates uploaded of an ecstatic Erin declaring ghosts are real. He fired Erin, indicating that Columbia did not want to be associated with a professor who didn't hold up to their standards.

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  • Campus
    • Alma Mater Sculpture
  • Max Planck Auditorium
  • Erin Gilbert's office
  • Dean Harold Filmore's office
  • Hall

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  • Not all of the shots of Columbia University were actually shot there.
    • Only the aerial establishing shot and the Alma Mater Sculpture shot are from the real Columbia University.
  • The outside shot of Erin walking through campus was taken on Emmanuel College Grounds in Boston. [citation needed]
  • Max Planck Auditorium is named after real life theoretical physicist Max Planck, who is most known for his work on quantum theory.
  • James Maxwell also noted one of his colleagues worked closely with production to make sure the equations that appear throughout the movie such as on blackboards and papers scattered around the laboratory scientifically accurate. [1]
  • Near Erin's office in the hall is a bust of Harold Ramis.
  • On September 15, 2015, filming started at the Stonehurst estate in Waltham. [2] Four rooms in the state were dressed simulate senior staff offices and the alumni hall of Columbia University. [3]
    • The dining room was dressed as Dean Filmore's office. The decorative fireplace and door behind Erin is indicative of the dining room.
  • On page 17 of Ghostbusters International #7, the whiteboard in panel 6 is a non-canon reference to Erin's equations in the Columbia lecture hall near the start of the movie.
  • On page 4 of Ghostbusters International #8, once again on the whiteboard, is the equations written by Erin in the Columbia lecture hall at the start of the movie.

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