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The Compact Pack[1] (also known as Thunder and Lightning)[2] is a type of Proton Pack that is more lightweight in nature.


At some point before The Collectors kidnapped the Ghostbusters, the Compact Pack prototype was invented. However, it caught on fire at least once during testing.[3] Special Agent Melanie Ortiz donned the Compact Pack during the bust involving the Jail Jaw Ghost, despite Janine Melnitz's warning. Ortiz missed the ghost and shorted out the pack due to failure to adjust the stream. She tossed it down before it did any further damage.

Ron Alexander upgraded the pack to fire Proton Streams from the left thrower and Boson Darts from the right thrower. Triggers were in the palm and a double tap would activate a given thrower. For the battle against the Grendel, Ron outfitted Janine with it. Ultimately, the pack was crucial in helping Janine overcome and trap the Grendel. Later in the summer, Winston took the modified pack with him to Las Vegas for a minor case that turned into a debacle. During the course of the bust, the pack suffered a loose wire and ceased firing. Winston thought it was a jam and called Egon for help while on the run. Egon instructed him how to fix the problem and Winston blew up the Meat Golem with a dart then trapped the ghost. Winston donned the Compact Pack to combat Ray, who had been possessed by Gozer and Tiamat. However, both the Proton Stream and Boson Darts had no effect. Janine donned the Compact Pack in the battle against the Thralls of Chi-You in the Firehouse. Janine wore the Compact Pack for the Ghostbusters' meeting with Loftur Þorsteinsson.


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