Compliment Sprites are miniature creatures subservient to Hedylogos.


After Hedylogos manifested above the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, its influence intoxicated people up to a certain zone and they became its thralls. It also created Compliment Sprites. The sprites would flatter the local population by whispering affirmations, compliments, and suggestions. The non-stop positive reinforcement created a 'polite kind of chaos' and Hedylogos' thralls listened to the sprites' suggestions despite them being good or bad ideas. On September 14, Special Agent Melanie Ortiz was backed up by Egon Spengler, Janine Melnitz, and Lou Kamaka and confronted Hedylogos. They easily dispersed sprites with their proton streams. The remaining sprites went on the defensive by suggesting the Ghostbusters were romantically interested in the thralls. As a result, the thralls attacked the Ghostbusters and each other. After Lou lured them away, the remaining Ghostbusters weakened and trapped Hedylogos.


IDW Comics

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