"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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The Component Parts Emanations are component parts of the psychokinetic core of Piper like spark plugs to an engine. [1] [2]


Piper formulated a scam to attack New York with his emanations then come forward as a paranormal eliminator and receive payment for his services. The emanations attacked Greenwich Village, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, Rockefeller Plaza, and other parts of Lower Manhattan. Each time, the Extreme Ghostbusters mistook them as ghosts and thus, were unable to confine them in Proton Streams despite various adjustments. In a battle against the Ghostbusters, Piper released the emanations from his stomach cavity once more to destroy them. However, the absence of the emanations made Piper vulnerable. [3] The Ghostbusters blasted and trapped Piper. The emanations seemingly dissipated when they were unable to reunite with him.


The ghosts consist of some from Ghost Train Flyers, Crosstown Horde, and some original ones, as well as a mass collective of these entities.


  • Lizard
  • Flyer
  • Spiney
  • Ectoplasmic Owl
  • Eyeball
  • One-Eyed Menace
  • Fish Lips
  • Tentacle
  • Mad Scientist Flyer
  • Boney
  • Four-Fanged Flyer (Exclusive to Component Parts Emanations)
  • Clown Face
  • Old Man Head (Exclusive to Component Parts Emanations)
  • Mixed up Bones (Exclusive to Component Parts Emanations)
  • Skeleton Full Torso (Exclusive to Component Parts Emanations)
  • Four-Eyed Gulp (Exclusive to Component Parts Emanations)
  • One-Eyed Snake-Eel (Exclusive to Component Parts Emanations)
  • Three-Eyed Frog Flyer (Exclusive to Component Parts Emanations)
  • Mass Collective of Component Parts Emanations


Extreme Ghostbusters


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