The Con Edison Supervisor (also known as Mr. Fianella) is an employee of Consolidated Edison, Inc. in New York City.


While the Ghostbusters dug a hole in First Avenue their activity drew the attention of a police officer. After Peter Venkman gave him the run around, the officer checked with Con Edison and the phone company. Neither had any projects scheduled on First Avenue. The officer returned with a Con Edison Supervisor and caught them in their lies. However, Ray Stantz caused a city-wide black out. As they were arrested, the Supervisor recognized all the Ghostbusters' equipment as it was confiscated by the police.

The next day, the Supervisor was brought in on the stand to testify. The Prosecutor showed him Exhibit F, Psychomagnotheric Slime collected from First Avenue, and the Supervisor admitted he never saw anything like it in his life despite working underground for Con Edison for 27 years. The Supervisor speculated the Ghostbusters must have put the slime underground. Ray immediately stood up and objected to the accusation. He later fled the courtroom after the Scoleri Brothers manifested.



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