The Containment Unit in the Realistic version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game has combined elements of the original Containment Unit from the first movie and the one from the animated series. It is presumed to have been built this way since the events of Ghostbusters II.


Primary Canon

After the Psi Energy Pulse at the start of the Thanksgiving weekend in 1991, Slimer escaped from the Paranormal Containment Research Tank and lingered in the basement looking into the Containment Unit. He had been fascinated with the Unit's new viewer since it was first added. Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, and the Rookie sneaked up on Slimer. The Rookie fired but hit the Containment Unit instead of Slimer, which in turn caused the Sloth Ghost to be released. While Egon repaired the unit, Ray and Rookie went after Slimer and the Sloth Ghost, but Slimer got away.

On Thanksgiving, Walter Peck shut down the containment grid and released all the entities inside. This was part of a secondary plan to channel enough P.K.E. to Ivo Shandor in order for him to assume a Supreme Destructor Form.

Secondary Canon

IDW Comics

After the Shandor Incident, parts from the unit were re-purposed for a new Containment Unit. Integrated on the side of the unit, the parts were used for controls and safety measures. [1] Near the end of the Tiamat incident, Ray tended to the unit controls but the pressure was building fast. Ray had no choice but to manually vent the unit or risk a catastrophic explosion.


  • Just like in The Real Ghostbusters this Containment Unit has a Viewer, the Viewer is also mentioned in the original shooting script and movie novel for Ghostbusters, but it can't be used in the game.
  • One of the parts of the Ecto-Containment Unit is called an Interspatial Gasket. Egon notes he was fine-tuning it in the afternoon prior to the pulse passing through the Firehouse.
  • While the player can interact with the lever, they cannot interact by actually inserting a trap into the grid.
  • Before the Central Park Cemetery Level begins, Ray notes the psychokinetic energy built up from the ghosts in the Containment Unit is enough to cause a cross-dimensional event itself.


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