Cook Ghost (also known as Sous Chef Ghost, Chef,[1] and Burning Cook[2]) is in both the Realistic and the Stylized versions of the video game. For strategy on defeating him, go to Return to the Sedgewick Level (realistic version) or Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick Level (stylized version), depending on the version. There are three variants of Cook Ghosts in the Realistic Version.

Realistic Version Information

According to Tobin's Spirit Guide

  • Category: Class III Animating Specter
  • Type: Ghost (must trap)
  • Behaviors:
    • Attacks: Range
    • Weaknesses: Proton Stream
    • Dazed Duration: Long
    • Trap Resistance: Low


To avoid a scathing review, the famous French chef DeForrest poisoned a food critic's dessert course. Unfortunately he did a poor job of hiding the poison and the next night it accidentally found its way into his staff's dinner, causing them all horrible and painful deaths.

When the state-of-the-art kitchen equipment was bought and imported to NY by the Sedgewick Hotel, the ghosts of the chef and his now post-mortal staff unfortunately came with it.

Contact Protocol

Like most Class III specters, these Cook Ghosts don't pose much of a threat. Stay out of their range and use a standard trapping approach. Zap them with your Proton Stream, grab them with your Capture Stream, then trap them. Easy as pie.

Manifestation Point

  • Hotel Sedgewick (second visit)


Despite the fact that these ghosts came with kitchen equipment from a different hotel, they display the Sargassi name and a form of logo from his restaurant. Most likely Sargassi came with the kitchen equipment with them, other wise this is unexplained. If they did come from the same place, this would also explain why Sargassi wasn't active during the Ghostbusters first capture and elimination during the first film. Also, Sargassi might have been subduing Deforrest and the chef ghost as he would have been their boss when they were alive and so would have had a form of control over them, thus explaining why they didn't attack Dr. Venkman and the Rookie when they first went through the kitchen.

Stylized Version Information

According to Tobin's Spirit Guide

  • Category: Class 3 Full Torso Manifestation
  • Abilities: Slime, Melee Attack, Utensil Attack, Inanimate Possession

Tobin's Summary

Oftentimes, when a fiercely loved or revered commander or supervisor passes from this mortal coil, his loyal subordinates will find him in the afterlife. The leader is tied to the world by his duty to his followers and whey they pass on, they are tied to him by their loyalty. It's a path of mutually assured entrapment on the mortal plane in the afterlife, a sort of sad poetry.

Egon's Notes

I had always questioned the veracity of this entry in Tobin's guide, but my doubts have been put aside after witnessing the Sous Chefs in the Sedgewick Hotel. They defended the kitchens and their head chef with intense ferocity. There must be some very strong psycho-resonant tethers between these entities.

Ray's Tips

These are your standard FTMs. Fire up the Blast Stream, drop a trap, and get down to business.

Supplemental Data

The art page can be found in the Hotel Sedgewick (first visit), during the "That Wasn't Such a Chore" section. It is in the hotel lobby, behind the front desk.

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime

The Cook Ghosts appear in Level 1: Training Day and Level 2: Asylum Brawl. Their only attack is to throw projectiles at players.


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