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There are several run-ins with cops throughout the Ghostbusters films. Mostly with New York's Finest, The City of New York Police Department. This lists details all the events and all the cops they dealt with.


Places encountered

Dana's Apartment

  • When Peter Venkman arrives at Dana Barrett's apartment building for their date, there are cops outside taking down testimony and trying to restore order after "some moron brought a cougar to a party and it went berserk."
  • Cops show up again at the apartment building when Gozer is beginning to put on a display of power and the city is in pandemonium trying to figure out what's going on.

The Firehouse

  • A group of officers brought Vinz Clortho to the Firehouse when they found him mentally unstable, but unsuitable for lock-up or a mental hospital.
  • A cop accompanies Walter Peck to the Firehouse when he comes to shut down the Storage facility. After the grid is shut down and explodes, the same officers arrest the Ghostbusters, following a brief scuffle with Mr. Peck.


Another cop is shown at the jail when the Ghostbusters are released to go talk with Mayor Lenny.

City Hall

Officers accompany the Ghostbusters to New York City Hall, en route to the Mayor's office. Inside, the Chief of Police gives his advice to the Mayor.


Policeman at Apartment

Police Sergeant

Police Captain

Jail Guard

City Hall Police

Police Commissioner (Ghostbusters)

Ghostbusters II

Locations Encountered

First Avenue

  • Cops arrest Egon, Ray, and Peter when they are jack-hammering without a permit. Later they escort the Statue of Liberty through the streets.


First Cop

Meter Maid

Restaurant Cop No.1

Restaurant Cop No.2

Police Sergeant

Police Lieutenant

Detective No.1

Detective No.2

Detective No.3

Police Commissioner

The Real Ghostbusters

Lieutenant Frump

Deputy Chief O'Malley

Extreme Ghostbusters

Officer Frank

Officer Al

Carl Rivera