Crawlers are ancient South American devil bug demons who are the spawn of the insect demon Cohila.


According to Incan legend, a breed of devil bugs was led by their powerful king, an insect demon named Cohila.[2] In 1997, Cohila's tomb was discovered in the jungles of modern-day Latin America and acquired by the Museum of History in New York. A pair of thieves sought to steal the talisman and inadvertently awakened Cohila. He spit several bug spores into the thieves' mouths and allowed them to flee the scene, to serve as incubators. The Crawlers would then burst from the hosts and serve as Cohila's army. The Memorial Hospital declared these hosts were victims of an outbreak of Legionnaire's Disease. When Janine trapped Cohila, the Crawlers followed.

Powers and Abilities

Crawlers can emit gas as a distress signal and defend their master (and Janine, had she chose to remain his queen) with extreme prejudice. They have formed into a giant barrier to shield Cohila from attacks, form a platform to move Cohila around, and form into restraints.

Spengler's Spirit Guide

  • Classification
    • Level 1
  • Transparency
    • 6.1
  • Wave Frequency
    • .061/.003
  • Description
    • Level 1 Crawler
    • Six Legs
  • Comments
    • May be squashed with foot.
  • First Sighting
    • Pangea/Start of time


Extreme Ghostbusters


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