The Crendall's Apartment is an apartment complex where Alan Crendall lives with his mother.


Slimer terrorized the building for a week and slimed every corner of it. Alan concluded it was because his family was cursed thanks to his uncle, Janosz Poha. Winston Zeddemore decided to investigate the apartment in exchange for Baklava and took Peter Venkman along.

Janine Melnitz confirmed with the Crendall's Superintendent. He received complaints from other tenants but didn't want to call the Ghostbusters and pay the bill. He agreed to evacuate the building for Winston and Peter. They started taking readings in the Crendall's unit, room 426. Peter checked next door in 427 and found Slimer. An hour or two later, the bust dragged on because Slimer was rather evasive and was able to wrestle free of the Proton Stream. Peter circled around while Winston was used as bait. As Slimer closed in on him, Peter appeared and trapped the ghost.



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