The Crendall's Superintendent is the superintendent of an apartment complex where Alan Crendall lived with his mother.


Even though his apartment was haunted and completely slimed by Slimer, the superintendent didn't want to call the Ghostbusters and pay the bill. When Alan Crendall told Winston Zeddemore and Janine Melnitz about the haunting, Winston agreed to investigate. Janine confirmed the haunting with the superintendent. He agreed to evacuate the building for the afternoon. When Winston and Peter Venkman arrived, the superintendent was put in his place by Peter, who threatened him with negligence in exposing his tenants to potential paranormal hazards. The superintendent turned over his set of keys and let the guys go to work.


The superintendent is frugal, since he didn't want to pay for the Ghostbusters services, and belligerent towards the Ghostbusters when they arrived at the apartment.


The superintendent is bald and moderately obese.


  • The superintendent is visually based on the human form of Slug. [1]


IDW Comics


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