The Crew of John Milton were the men who served aboard the John Milton.


In mid-February 1858 the John Milton was caught in a storm while coming back from the Chincha Islands. General speculation has it that Captain Harding misidentified a lighthouse, which caused him to take the ship the wrong way and it ran aground. Everyone on board was killed. Most of the frostbitten bodies of the crew washed up on shore not long after. In the present, the John Milton began appearing near Montauk, Long Island and warning other boats to stay away. Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and Kylie Griffin were able to board the John Milton. Limbs came from out of the floor and the crew, now creatures of ice, surrounded the trio. Going on P.K.E. readings, Kylie shot the floor out while Ray shot down an idea to throw out several Traps.


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