Crimebusters is the name of the outfit the Ghostbusters renamed themselves during a brief supernatural drought.


After weeks of no supernatural activity and a stint of regular jobs, the Ghostbusters were at wit's end when they noticed Slimer inside a jewelry store. They chased after a thief that fooled Slimer into helping him and Peter Venkman used his Particle Thrower to knock a fire escape onto the thief. The Ghostbusters made the front page of the New York Times. After making $10,000 for capturing the thief, the Ghostbusters became the Crimebusters.

Egon Spengler modified the Proton Packs to be effective against peoples' bioelectric fields and Ray Stantz modified the Traps to create a solidified energy cage around living beings. Mayor Clotch soon hailed them as a new special task force on crime. The crime busts carried the guys out of debt and netted them a surplus of $30,000. With crime down 30%, the Crimelord kidnapped Janine Melnitz and demanded the Crimebusters cease and desist all law enforcement activity.

Egon modified his P.K.E. Meter to find Janine by detecting her specific bio-rhythm. They found her at a subway car storage facility and defeated three armed men by magnetizing the tracks. The Crimebusters then flew Ecto-2 to Crimelord's headquarters where a daring dogfight between Crimelord's helicopter and Ecto-2 took place. Winston Zeddemore shot down the helicopter, which impaled itself on the top of the Empire State Building.

The Crimelord's syndicate was dismantled and crime in New York was virtually nonexistent. The Crimebusters put themselves out of the job but soon switched back to the Ghostbusters when supernatural activity picked up again.



The Real Ghostbusters


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