The Crosstown Subway is a new Manhattan subway line built in 1997.


The construction and completion of the Crosstown Subway before Election Day was a mandate made by Mayor McShane. However, the tunnel intersected with an ancient catacomb. When workers broke through it, a major ecto-triangulation breach took place and Achira was released first. No one believed the workers' claims and McShane dedicated the tunnel later in the afternoon. Egon Spengler immediately suspected the tunnel project was the source of new ectoplasmic activity. He detected lots of residual ectoplasmic vibrations and implored the Mayor to shut down the project and fill in the tunnel. The Mayor ignored Egon and made light of his claims.

The next day, the Extreme Ghostbusters investigated the Crosstown site and noticed it was abandoned by the workers. Roland Jackson found a hidden door and the team explored an ancient tunnel. They determined it was a prison for ghosts sealed with incantations and talismans. After encountering one of Achira's Appendage Minions, the tunnel started to cave in. The team shot through the prison section and exited the subway through a manhole access point. In the evening after they trapped Achira, a mass horde of ghosts escaped the prison and exited the Crosstown site into the city.


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