The Crybaby Ghost [1] is the spirit of children who drowned near rural bridges and remained anchored to them. [2]


Two days into their road trip, the Ghostbusters stopped somewhere in Ohio and encountered a Crybaby Ghost. Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, and Winston Zeddemore successfully captured it and Winston deposited it in the Portable Ecto-Containment Unit aboard Ecto-2.

When the Tiamat-possessed Ray punched the hull of the Containment Unit, it had to be manually vented to prevent a catastrophic explosion. Ellen Gold was released. Unknown to all, the Crybaby Ghost was hidden inside Gold and hitchhiked a ride outside. During the battle with the Ghostbusters, the Crybaby Ghost emerged from Gold's mouth. While Gold was distracted with the development, the Ghostbusters moved into position. Ray wrangled the Crybaby Ghost while Peter grabbed Gold. Egon arrived with a Trap and recaptured both entities.


In essence, the Crybaby Ghosts are echoes of frightened children and are defined by panic and trauma. The phenomenon has been consistent in Ohio, the location of the most rural bridges in the United States of America. [3] The ghosts are benign but they've caused extreme distress and accidents in the past. They don't necessarily appear to people but have often let out chilling cries, especially at night, from under the bridge they are anchored to. Patience and a soothing tone was proved to be a calming force and a method to peacefully disperse them. [4]


Crybaby Ghosts can be either a typically anchored Class 3 or Class 6 noncorporeal. [5]


  • The manifestation is based on the Crybaby Bridge urban legend of infants and young children being killed near or thrown from a bridge into the river or creek below. [6]


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