The Cult of Sahaq is a group of humans who worship the demonic god Sahaq the Trampler.


The Cult of Sahaq performed the inception ceremony in Apartment 4B and successfully impregnated a young woman with the child of their god.[1] At some point later, the woman gave birth as the cult chanted. They raised up Zara and proclaimed the Spawn of Sahaq's arrival. One cultist pointed out the infant was a girl. Another couldn't believe it at first but confirmed it was indeed a girl. It was concluded concluded they weren't favored after all. A doll was left behind by the cult. They left the apartment to get Chinese for dinner then find a new vessel. The cult still paid the woman, allowing her to pay for the apartment for at least seven years. A cultist recalled a Chinese restaurant on 30th Avenue. Another asked if they used MSG because he broke out in hives last time. They were mistaken and never knew the ritual actually succeeded.



  1. Zara's Mom (2019). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: Answer The Call Ghostbusters" (2019) (Comic p.9). Zara's Mom says: "... During the inception ceremony they gave me enough money so me and Zara can stay in this apartment at least another five years, but I haven't seen them since the birth..."


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