A Cursed Artifact is an object with a particularly strong psychic turbulence and history attached to it. The Rookie can acquire six of these items during each investigation he undertakes with The Ghostbusters. Some of the items are loosely based on real stories or legends ('Ali Bailuu's Temperamental Carpet') and others are just for comedic effect ('Swiss Death Clock ' - Peter uses it for a desk fan).

To 'pick up' a Cursed Artifact, the item must be scanned using the P.K.E. Meter & Paragoggles, much in the same way the Paragoggles are used to index entities in Tobin's Spirit Guide. Once acquired, the Cursed Artifacts appear in the Firehouse.

The Cursed Artifacts as they appear in the game are listed here by the investigation in which they are found, and where they appear in the Firehouse:

Hotel Sedgewick

Times Square

New York Public Library

Museum of (Super)Natural History

Return to the Sedgewick

Shandor Island

Central Park Cemetery

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