Dahlia[2] was a voodoo priestess.[3] When she became too old, Dahlia lost most of her powers but retained the ability to see and show things.[4]


When Dahlia saw a news report about the discovery of the Moaning Stones of Tangalla she feared the world was in danger. Upon seeing a silver medallion depicting Shimabuku, the chieftain who imprisoned The Undying One, Dahlia realized Winston Zeddemore was a reincarnation of him and the only one who could stop the demon. She visited the Firehouse and informed the Ghostbusters on what needed to be done. Dahlia implored Winston to believe in himself and his heritage.

Once the Undying One revealed his true form, Dahlia lent her powers to Winston but it wasn't enough. She directed the other Ghostbusters and Janine Melnitz to form a circle around Winston. Dahlia then channeled all of their energy to Winston. Shimabuku emerged and imprisoned the Undying One. Afterwards, Dahlia gave Winston a piece of the Moaning Stone for safekeeping.



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