Dana's apartment in Ghostbusters II is different due to the events in the end of the first film. Because of this apartment is at a different location as well as it is Dana's new home in Ghostbusters II.

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Ghostbusters IIEdit

After the Gozer incident, Dana moved to unit 448 at a new apartment complex. Dana's apartment seemed to be in a mostly friendly neighborhood on East 77th Street near First Avenue. However, after the Slime in Bathtub Attack Dana fled her apartment and for the rest of the Vigo incident of 1989, stayed at Peter's apartment.

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IDW ComicsEdit

After three months of searching for the missing Ghostbusters, Janine Melnitz's team took on a case on behalf of a valued repeat customer named Mr. Parker. They cornered the Jail Jaw Ghost as it feasted on the contents of a refrigerator. However, Special Agent Melanie Ortiz missed the first time and got slimed. She got it the second time and Janine trapped it. Much to Ortiz's dismay, the room was wrecked.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The blackout scene was shot on a set. First, Peter MacNicol was filmed walking down a dimly lit walkway. As he walked, MacNicol moved his head side to side. To create the look of real light being illuminated, another pass was filmed. In it, Michael Chapman held a 2K at MacNicol's height then walked down the hall, panning the light from side to side. After a few takes done fast and slow, the scenes were edited together and both Chapman and the light were matted out. Pat Meyers helped defined the light beams by placing shards and particulate matter so it looked like real beams. Meyers lined up the beams so they tracked from MacNicol's eyebrows to the puddles of light on the walls. [1]


  • In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft, Lane Walker's apartment is stated to be an old brownstone in Greenwich Village. [2]
  • The baby carriage chase at the start of the movie is geographically accurate. It starts at Dana's apartment building at 325 East 77th Street and heads south to the intersection of East 77th Street and First Avenue where it stopped. After the carriage is nearly hit by the bus, the green awning of Cho-Sen Food Shoppe Ltd. is visible, further proving the intersection is E. 77th and First. [3]
  • The radiator in Oscar's room needed fixing. After a week of no progress, she tells Frank the Superintendent about it again because the room was getting cold.
  • When Ray, Egon and Peter first visit, the '89 calendar is on November.
  • There is a frame of Johannes Brahms near the book shelf when Peter picks up the snow globe.


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Ghostbusters II

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IDW Comics


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