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Dana Barrett was the first customer of the Ghostbusters. Dana Barrett was a professional musician living in New York. She played cello in "a major symphony orchestra," presumably the New York Philharmonic.


Dana in the Primary Canon is developed from Ghostbusters (1984), Ghostbusters II, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. In Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions), a Secondary Canon, Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II pre-date the game, Ghostbusters: Afterlife conflicts with the game. Dana (prime) appears in the IDW Comic Series, a Secondary Canon, which follows Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II, also includes some elements from Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions) and Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Stylized Versions); as well as being canon to Tobin's Spirit Guide (Insight Editions).


Primary Canon History

Ghostbusters (1984)

Dana lived in 2206 on the 22nd floor in the same building as Louis Tully off of Central Park West. In 1984, after grocery shopping, she took a yellow taxi cab home. Dana slowly got out, holding a paper grocery bag filled to the brim in her right arm and a cello case with her left arm. She used her right leg to close the door. After the taxi left, she looked right, then left, then right as she crossed. Cars drove past. A sedan in the middle of the street braked and honked at her. Dana got off the elevator on her floor. A neighbor, with a New York Times, tucked under his right arm was waiting for it. Dana greeted him. He replied back as he got in the elevator. Dana went down the hall. Louis Tully popped his head out of his apartment. He was in a blue tracksuit and wore a pair of Adidas. They greeted each other. Louis remarked he thought it was the drugstore. Dana paused and asked if he was sick. Louis said he was fine and he just ordered some more vitamins and stuff. He revealed he was just exercising. Dana eyed her door then turned back to Louis. Louis revealed he taped a 20-minute Workout and played it back at high speed on his machine so it only took ten minutes. Dana was losing interest. Louis offered her inside for a mineral water. Dana turned him down saying she would really like to, but she had to go rehearsal. She continued on. He followed. Louis took a rain check on that and told her he always had plenty of low sodium mineral water and other nutritious foods in the house but she already knew that. Dana lowered her case. Dana dryly commented she knew that like she was told this many many times. Louis remembered he was having a big party for his clients. Dana handed her grocery bag to him to hold while she opened her door. It was his fourth anniversary as an accountant. Even though she filed her own own tax return, which he thought she shouldn't do, he still invited her to the party because she was his neighbor and all. Dana smiled and thanked him. She promised she would really try to stop by. Louis continued that she shouldn't leave her TV on so loud when went out. He told her the creep down the hall phoned the manager. A confused look came on Dana's face. She looked inside her apartment. Dana admitted she didn't realize she left it on. Louis revealed he climbed on the ledge and tried to disconnect the cable, but he couldn't get in, so he turned his TV up real loud too so everyone would think all the TVs had something wrong with them. Dana quickly told him bye and closed the door on him. Unfazed, Louis continued and told her he would see her later and would give her a call. He announced he was going to go have a shower. He tried to open his door but he locked himself out.

Dana watched a commercial for the Ghostbusters on her living room TV. She smirked and turned it off. Settled into her apartment at last, she put her bags down on the counter and began putting things away. She started taking her groceries out on the table: lettuce, a bag of Stay Puft Marshmallows, a carton of eggs then walked over to a cabinet and put some boxes away. The phenomena began. The carton opened by itself. Eggs popped out of their shells and began frying on her kitchen counter and her refrigerator was making a strange noise and emitting a very bright light. Upon opening the door, she saw an otherworldly mythic pyramid-shaped temple in front of which laid a Terror Dog who suddenly glared at her and roared the word "Zuul!" at her. Frightened, she slammed the refrigerator door shut, screaming, and left her apartment. Two days later, she showed up at the Firehouse to get some help from the boys in grey. She seemed to be a skeptic regarding the paranormal, but was convinced that "something" had happened in her apartment. Dana asked Janine Melnitz if she was in the Ghostbusters' office. Janine confirmed that and asked how she could help her. Peter Venkman peaked up from his office like a gopher out of its hole. Dana admitted she didn't have an appointment but wanted to talk to someone. Peter bolted to them. He narrowly jumped over the office gate. Peter introduced himself. Dana cautioned what she had to say may sound a little unusual. Peter joked that's all they got day in, day out. He invited her into his office.

Dana was hooked up to the Aura Video-Analyzer upstairs on the second floor. She recounted her ordeal to them precisely. Peter remarked you generally did not see that kind of behavior in a major appliance. He asked her what she thought it was. Egon Spengler removed the diodes from her head. Dana got annoyed and told him if she knew what it was, she would not have come. Peter asked Egon what he thought. Egon noted Dana was telling the truth or at least, she thought she was. Dana stammered she was telling the truth and asked who would make up a story like that. Peter informed her they ran into some people who just wanted attention and a lot of nutballs who came in off the street. Ray Stantz speculated it could be a case of past life experience intruding on present time. Egon thought it could be erased memories stored in the collective unconscious, clairvoyance, or telepathic contact. Dana was skeptical and scoffed. She apologized and admitted she did not believe in any of those things. Peter assured her he did not either. Peter walked behind Dana and gestured to Ray and Egon to make something up as he told her there were standard procedures they did in cases hers that gave them results. Ray figured he could go down to hall of records and check out the structural details in the building. He guessed the building itself could have a history of psychic turbulence. Peter nodded and agreed. Egon suggested he could look for the name Zuul in the usual literature. Ray thought of Spates Catalog. Egon mentioned Tobin's Spirit Guide. Dana calmed down. Peter suggested he would take Dana back to her apartment and check her out. She looked up at him. Peter corrected himself and stated he would go check out her apartment. He turned to her. She nodded okay.

Peter and Dana went to her apartment to investigate the case and antagonized her with his inappropriate flirtatious attitude. Dana slowly opened her door and inched in. Peter swung the door open and asked her to let him go first in case something happened. He bolted over to her and opened the door behind her. He pointed the Ghost Sniffer around. Dana noted that was just the closet. Peter went to the piano. He lifted the cover and played the two highest notes over and over. He remarked the ghosts hated the sound. Peter warned the non-existent ghosts he was present. He stayed in the middle of the room and used the Sniffer. Dana looked around and started to take her coat off. Peter remarked the apartment had a lot of space. He asked her if she lived alone. She confirmed it. He noted, "Good." She pondered what he meant. He looked at some books stacked on a table. She asked what he was doing with his device. Peter told her it was technical and it was one of their "little toys." He quickly went to another door. Dana told him that was the bedroom, but nothing ever happened in there. Peter looked inside then closed the door and remarked what a crime that was. Dana paused then noted he did not act like a scientist. Peter surmised she meant they were usually pretty stiff. She believed he was more like a game show host. Peter was at a loss. He turned his head and asked her if that was the kitchen. She nodded.

Peter pushed the door open. Dana turned the light on. Everything was still there from when Dana left. Peter tossed the paper bag aside. Peter saw the eggs on the counter and asked her if those were the ones. She confirmed and recounted where she was standing when they just jumped right out of their shells and started to cook on the counter. Peter agreed that was weird. Dana continued and told him that was when she heard that awful noise coming from the refrigerator. Peter lifted up the lettuce and the cooked eggs. Dana asked him if he wanted to check the refrigerator. Peter thought that was a good call. She sighed. Peter slowly opened the refrigerator a crack and remarked, "Oh, my God." Dana became worried. Peter opened it wider and addressed all the junk food. Dana got frustrated. Peter took out an Oscar Mayer pack and asked her if she actually ate it. Dana took it away and exclaimed she saw a big space. Peter lifted the lid off a ceramic dish, it didn't smell good to him. She pointed out there was a building or something with flames coming out of it, there were creatures writhing around growling and snarling, and she heard a voice say "Zuul." Peter apologized and told her he was not getting any reading. Dana questioned if he was using the Sniffer correctly. Peter thought he was and confirmed there were no animals in there. Dana resigned herself to the face there was a monster in her kitchen or she was completely crazy. Peter told her he did not think she was crazy. Dana sarcastically replied she felt so much better. She walked away.

Peter followed her back into the living room and told her he came home from work to my place, and all I had was his work. He sat down. Before Dana could speak, Peter continued and claimed she had the same problem he had. She curtly identified that problem as him. Peter went for broke and admitted he was madly in love with her. She scoffed and looked away from him then asked him to leave. Peter self-narrated about being thrown out of her life, guessed she thought he was a creep and a geek, and she probably was not the first. Dana remarked he was so odd. Peter stopped at the front door and turned to her. She said, "No." Peter declared he got it. She repeated, "No" many times. Peter stated he would prove himself to her. She countered that was not necessary. She started to guide him to the door. Peter believed solving her problem would get her thinking about what made him tick and she was going to be thinking about him after he left. Dana smiled and bet she would. Before she could completely close the door, Peter stuck his face back in and asked for a kiss. She pushed his face out the door and slammed it shut

Later Ghostbusters, Inc. took off and the guys got busy with other cases. Dana Barrett performed sit-ups on the floor of her living room while she watched a news report from WABC-TV's Roger Grimsby. Grimsby greeted his viewers and reported the entire eastern seaboard was alive with talk of incidents of paranormal activity, alleged ghost sightings and related supernatural occurrences had been reported across the entire tri-state area. Dana stopped doing her sit ups and watched with intent. Dana listened to Casey Kasem on her Panasonic radio in her kitchen while she chopped vegetables. She took a drink and chuckled at the notion of the Ghostbusters dancing at The Rose after they caught a ghost. Dana watched Joe Franklin on a small TV while she stringed her cello. She was out of the shower, in a robe and had a towel wrapped around her head. Joe was interviewing Ray and asked him how Elvis was doing, and if he saw him lately. Peter had stopped by at one of her orchestra rehearsals. Dana and a Violinist, was interested her as well, exited Avery Fisher Hall at the Lincoln Center. They talked about a bad guest conductor. Dana remarked someone should tell him that it was not going to do much good to scream at them in German. The Violinist commented he was not competent to conduct a major symphony orchestra. Dana looked up straight ahead. She saw Peter near the fountain hopping in a line on one leg. He was in his flightsuit wearing an orange jacket. Dana asked the Violinist to wait a minute then walked over to Peter. Peter told her that was a wonderful rehearsal. Dana was surprised he heard that. Peter told her she was the best one in her row. She thanked him and noted most people could not hear her with the whole orchestra playing. Peter retorted he did not have to take that abuse from her because he had hundreds of people dying to abuse him. The Violinist circled them and sat down at the fountain. Dana noted he was a celebrity then asked about her case.

Peter noticed the Violinist. He asked her, "Who's the stiff?" She answered, "The stiff happens to be one of the finest musicians in the world." Peter had found some answers for Dana, but wanted to give them to her in private. She suggested telling her now. Peter complied and revealed they found the name Zuul. It was a demigod worshiped around 6000 B.C. but Peter paused and asked how to say a word. Dana leaned in and looked at his paper. She pronounced Hittites for him. He continued and said Zuul was worshiped by the Hittites, the Mesopotamians and the Sumerians. Dana took the paper and read the notes. She read out loud that Zuul was the minion of Gozer. She asked what Gozer was. Peter hinted Gozer was very big in Sumeria. She wanted to know what Gozer was doing in her refrigerator. Peter assured her they were working on it and suggested getting together Thursday night, around nine-ish, to exchange information. Dana smiled and told him she was busy. Peter observed she seemed to think there was something wrong up with her thinking he enjoyed taking his evenings off and spending it with his clients. Peter claimed he was making a special exception in your case because he respected her as an artist and as a dresser. He admired the "magnificent coordination" she was wearing. Dana agreed to see him on Thursday. He promised to bring The Roylance Guide to Secret Societies and Sects and they would eat and read. Dana walked away, turned her head slightly, then continued to the Violinist. They continued walking. The Violinist looked at Peter. Peter acknowledged him. The Violinist somewhat jealously asked who the hell Peter was. Dana replied he was just a friend. The Violinist wasn't buying it. Dana clarified he was an old friend. Peter shouted he would see her Thursday and apologized to the Violinist about not getting to meet him. Peter added he was glad the Violinist was feeling much better but thought he still looked very pale and suggested a little sun. The Violinist asked what Peter did. Dana told him Peter was a scientist.

The night of her date with Peter, Dana took the elevator to her floor. She popped something in her mouth from a paper bag and tried to sneak past Louis Tully's door. He popped out to greet her. Louis invited her in and called it a classic party. Dana admitted she had a date. Louis was shocked. He walked up to her. His door closed. Dana apologized and told him she forgot about the party. She walked away looking guilty. There was a pause. Louis told her it was okay and she could bring him along. Dana's guilt vanished and she grinned. She promised they might stop by. She went into her apartment. Louis replied that was great and he was going to tell everyone the good news. Dana snacked, placed her purse down, took off her scarf and outer wear. She turned on a lamp and took a shoe off. The phone rang. It was Dana's mother. Dana told her she was busy as she took off her other shoe. She assured her everything was fine. She confirmed it was just that one time something went wrong. Dana made some promises to her mother. Dana revealed she had a date to get ready for. She told her it wasn't anyone she knew. Dana revealed he was a Ghostbuster. She confirmed it was one of "those guys on TV." She promised to let her know. Dana told her to give her love to Dad and told her mother goodbye. She hung up and exhaled. She sat back. A Terror Dog's head pressed against the kitchen door from the inside. A growl caught her attention. She stared and swore. She was attacked by animal-like claws ripping through her sofa. A hairy dog-like arm shot out of her armchair and grabbed her. She screamed. Another shot out of the sofa and covered her mouth. Another held her leg down. The armchair swiveled around to face the kitchen. The door opened. Zuul, the Terror Dog, roared savagely. The chair sped off and rushed towards the kitchen. Dana screamed in horror as the claws restrained her to her sofa as and she tried to struggle to get free. The door closed behind her.

When Peter showed up for his date, he found Dana possessed by Zuul. She referred to herself as "The Gatekeeper" and spoke of awaiting the coming of Gozer, "The Destructor". Dana's primary objective was to find and mate with Vinz Clortho, another minion of Gozer who had likewise now inhabited Dana's nerdy, stalkerish neighbor, Louis. Under Zuul's control, Dana became a lot more sensual and sexually aggressive, desperately attempting to seduce Peter under the false impression that he was The Keymaster. Peter steadfastly refused her advances realizing she was possessed, he ignored "Zuul" and continued asking to speak to "Dana" which frustrated her to the point she began growling like a beast and magically levitating above her bed.

Dana was later sedated by Peter, waking up once the Ghostbusters' Firehouse exploded, unleashing all of the ghosts into the city. Upon witnessing the massive release of supernatural energy, she blew out her living room wall with an inhuman roar to leave a way for The Keymaster to eventually find her. Dana and Louis, the real Vinz Clortho, finally meet at her demolished apartment, the two demons kissed lustfully before Dana led Louis toward an ominous staircase up to the rooftop Temple where they then consummated their union in order to bring Gozer into this world. Upon climaxing Dana and Louis rested briefly atop a large stone table before taking their inhabitants ritual positions on top of the opposite stone pedestals once occupied by Terror Dog statues. The demonic couple awaited anxiously for the right moment to complete ritual to bring their master into the world. Upon realizing this moment both possessed beings raised their arms to the sky and were struck by bolts of lightning shooting out from the top of the Temple, redirecting the supernatural energy toward the Temple doors causing them to open. With the doors open, the birth of Gozer into this world was complete and Dana and Louis finished their summoning ritual by transforming into the satanic Terror Dog forms of their inhabitants, Zuul and Vinz Clortho. The Ghostbusters arrived just in time to see Dana, shaking violently under the supernatural force of the lightning bolts, transform into a savage, horned red-eyed beast. Peter was shocked as Dana, in Terror Dog form, turns toward the Ghostbusters, staring menacingly at them with her beaming red eyes ablaze and unleashed a ferocious roar before leaping towards the mythic gateway to take her place beside Gozer.

After the particle flow was reversed by the crossing of the streams and Gozer was defeated, Zuul was banished and Dana transformed back into a human being, having no recollection of the events that she took part of while possessed. They surveyed the damage and saw a charred Terror Dog statue. Ray blurted out that it smelled like barbecued dog hair. He realized his grievous error and apologized to Peter. Peter was melancholy. He turned and looked at Ray then walked away. Part of the statue's arm chipped off and fingers reached out. The claw fell off. Peter turned around. Dana groaned. Ray got everyone's attention. The Ghostbusters broke open the statue with their hands. Peter chopped at the arm. Egon and Winston broke off the top part, Ray pulled at the body, and Peter lifted Dana out. Dana came to. She was in a daze and asked where she was. Dana noticed Peter. She emerged from the building in a robe with a floral print, and was a little embarrassed by the crowds. There was obvious romantic tension between her and Peter. Peter and Dana kissed on the lips. Peter mimicked being overwhelmed. Dana shook the hand of a civilian then walked back to Peter amazed. He escorted her into Ecto-1.

Between Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II

Apparently, things went for the worse between Ms. Barrett and Dr. Venkman. After they grew apart, seemingly due to Dr. Venkman's fear of commitment and taking her for granted, Dana became involved with someone else.[1] Dana and Peter lost touch with each other.[2] Dana got married and had a son they named Oscar. However, their relationship fell apart and he decided to "ditch" her by taking a very good offer from an orchestra in London and thereby breaking up their marriage.[3] She thought of calling up Peter but didn't.[4] Dana hired Maria to provide daycare for Oscar while she worked at the Manhattan Museum of Art in restorations. She was under the very watchful eye of Janosz Poha, the head of the restoration department.

Ghostbusters II

In late 1989, Dana Barrett returned to her apartment on foot after a visit to a local grocery store with Oscar in a baby carriage. She unknowingly pushed the carriage over a small amount of pink Psychomagnotheric Slime that oozed out through a crack in the sidewalk. Dana approached her apartment building at 325 East 77th Street just as an irritated Frank the Superintendent finished giving strict orders to a repairman. Dana asked Frank for help. Frank quipped he was not the doorman, he was the building's superintendent. Dana handed him her two full D'Agostino grocery paper bags to carry. She noted he was also a human being. He decided to do her the favor. She asked him when he was going to get around to fixing the radiator in her baby's room. The baby carriage began to roll away from them. Frank thought he already did that. Dana told him it was getting really cold in there then she noticed carriage was on the move and stuttered. Frank told her it was no problem. The carriage continued to roll away. Dana went to it. It rolled away even faster. The infant cooed. She ran after it and yelled out for someone to stop the carriage. Moving men at 335 East 77th Street carried a rolled up carpet from the back of their Ford truck. They dropped the carpet and turned their attention to the carriage. The carriage suddenly swerved on its own accord to the right onto the street. Dana continued to yell out. The carriage rolled head on towards a car coming in the opposite direction. The freaked out driver honked his horn. The carriage turned right at the last second. She continued screaming. The carriage turned left around a taxi cab that braked and dodged a bicyclist who fell over. Dana lunged for it but missed. It continued back onto the sidewalk. It passed by a dog walker and several barking dogs. Dana got back up and kept running and yelled out for someone to stop the carriage. The carriage went off the sidewalk right into the intersection of East 77th Street and First Avenue. It passed four lanes and honking cars. The carriage stopped suddenly, just before it was about to get hit by a bus driving by in the fifth lane. The horn honked as it drove past the carriage. Dana ran into the street and picked up Oscar, holding him close to her.

Dana decided to seek out Egon for help. She walked through Columbia University campus, near the Low Library, to the Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research. It stood where Weaver Hall once was five years ago. She looked at a crumpled piece of paper then stepped into the building after two older men exited. In a laboratory, Dana told Egon about the incident and how it ended right in the middle of traffic. Egon leaned over and wrote something then stood up straight and turned around while Dana told her story. He asked her if anyone else saw it happen and grabbed a thin printout. Dana noted hundreds of people saw it and assured him she didn't imagine it. Egon explained in science they always looked for the simplest explanation. One of Egon's assistants told him they were ready. Egon walked over to a large glass window. A camcorder was set up to record. Egon was pleased and stated they would start with the negative calibration. Dana asked him what he was working on. Egon explained he was trying to determine whether human emotions actually affect the physical environment and added it was a theory he and Ray had when they were still Ghostbusters. There was a frustrated couple inside a waiting room. Egon and Dana observed them through a two way mirror. The husband was yelling inaudibly. Dana asked if the couple could see them. Egon confirmed they could not and revealed the couple thought they came for marriage counseling. He kept them waiting for two and a half hours while gradually increasing the temperature in the room. He noted it was now up to ninety-five degrees at the moment. He pointed out his assistant was asking them if they would mind waiting another half hour. The husband became angrier. He threw down his coat jacket and pounded against the wall. The assistant left the room. Egon examined his readings and was very pleased. Dana asked him what he thought. He found it excellent then turned to his other assistant. He wanted to do the happiness index next. Dana clarified she meant the carriage.

Egon wrote down some notes then went to observe another room. A little girl inside played with stuffed animals. He looked into a camcorder eyepiece then asked if it was okay to bring Ray in on it. Dana was fine with that but she was against Peter being involved. Egon quickly assured her he would not. She inquired if he ever saw Peter. Egon replied he did occasionally. He flipped some switches on a machine bank. She asked how Peter was doing. Egon noted he was was borderline for a while then he crossed the border. She asked if Peter ever mentioned her. Dana smiled in anticipation of a "yes" from Egon. He replied, "No." Dana's smile broke. Egon ran his Monitor 4 Radiation Detector over her while her back was turned to him. Dana admitted they did not part on very good terms and then sort of lost track of each other after she got married. Spengler's assistant walked up to them and alerted Egon they were ready for the affection test. Egon instructed her to send in the puppy. An adorable puppy was handed to a little girl in the observation room. Dana admitted she thought of getting in touch with Peter after her marriage ended then she noticed the girl and the puppy. They squatted low and watched the girl with the puppy. Dana told Egon she appreciated his help. Egon told her to try not to worry. They stood up and walked. Dana handed him a piece of paper with her phone number. He agreed to call her. She clarified she preferred him not to tell Peter anything. Egon promised he would not. She kissed him on the cheek and thanked him.

Amid this crisis, Dana still planned to resign from the museum and return to the orchestra. Dana's latest project was cleaning a Bonnington. One day, around 12:40 pm, Janosz went to Dana Barrett's station. He asked how she was doing and how the Bonnington was coming along. She felt it was coming along fine and thought the mixture he gave her was working really well. Janosz joked he made pretty good cocktails then complimented her work. She thanked him. He mused it would not be long before she could assist him in more important restorations. Janosz pulled some white fuzz of her hair. She turned to him. He showed her it was just a white thing. Dana thanked him for the offer, referring to him as "Dr. Poha" but he cut her off, insisting on just "Janosz." Dana continued, she enjoyed working at the museum but now that her baby was a little older, she was going to try to go back to the orchestra. Dana cleaned her brush. Janosz was sorry to hear that she would be quitting and offered to take her out for brunch. Dana cited an appointment she had to go to. Dana hastily put her tools away and put her coat on. Janosz noted that whenever he asked her, "Well, can you do something?", she said, "No, I can't do something." He asked if he had bad breath or something. Dana assured him he did not. She exhaled quietly and walked away.

Peter found out about the investigation and rekindled his relationship with Dana. Dana played her cello in her apartment. She was about two to three minutes into performing Joseph Haydn's "Cello Concerto No. 1" in C Major the first movement (Moderato). Maria, Dana's nanny, fed Oscar in the kitchen. There was a knock on the door. Dana shouted to Maria that she would get the door. She placed her cello on her stand, walked over, and opened her door to Ray and Egon. Ray greeted her first. She hugged him and thanked him for coming. Ray played it off as no problem and was always happy to help and hug. Egon stepped in next. Dana shook Egon's hand. Ray complimented the apartment. Egon tried to tell Dana about Peter but Dana pushed the door to close it. Peter slipped in through the door and stopped it. He quipped about giving them one more chance. Ray rubbed his palms. Egon glared at Peter's back. Ray told Dana he tortured him by pulling his ears. Dana greeted Peter. Peter turned to them, modulated his voice to sound deep and sexy. Instead of responding, Dana turned to Egon and asked him what he would like to do first. Egon wanted to start with examining Oscar first. Maria handed the baby to Dana then went back into the kitchen. They walked over to a round table. Ray added they should check out anything associated with the baby, especially stuffed toys and things with fabrics in them. Egon wanted to check out the buggy after that. Dana agreed to their requests then asked if she could put Oscar on the table. Ray wanted to also see where he slept. Egon told her the table would be fine. Ray laid a blue pad over the table. Egon called it a little precursory medical examination. Ray proposed the Gammill and Pross Infant Acuity Test. Egon agreed and suggested they finish off with an Apgar score. Dana asked if any of that would hurt Oscar. They both replied it wouldn't. Egon assured her he would be fine. Ray handed Egon calipers. Dana became concerned from the look of them. Peter played Dana's cello like a guitar. Egon looked away. Ray also held back. She walked over to him. Peter inquired what happened to Dana's husband. He claimed he heard he ditched Dana and ran off to Europe. Dana clarified he did not ditch her, they had some problems and he got a very good job offer from an orchestra in London, and he took it. Dana placed her cello back on its stand. Peter held a mini-snow globe upside down. Peter summed that up as being ditched.

Peter mused Dana would have been better off marrying him. He held the miniature snow globe upright. Dana recalled he never asked me and whenever she brought it up, he got drowsy and fell asleep. Peter placed the globe back on the shelf and walked away. He declared she never got it. He explained he was a man, he was sensitive, he needed to feel loved and he needed to be desired. Dana placed her left hand on his shoulder. She reminded him she broke up with him when he started introducing her as the old ball and chain. Peter grimaced. Peter admitted he may have a lot of personal problems but he was a total professional when it came to his job. He walked over to Egon and Ray before Dana could get there. Egon told Dana that Oscar seemed to be fine. Dana noted he was very healthy. Peter thought it he looked okay. Ray asked where he slept. Dana led Ray right around the corner to Oscar's bedroom. She picked up a ring stacking toy in Oscar's bedroom. Ray picked up a small yellow Stegosaurus stuffed animal and swept it the P.K.E. Meter. Dana told them the room was a little messy. Ray assured he they did not plan on playing with anything, they just wanted to sweep for valances.

Peter playfully shouted for help because Oscar had gone completely berserk. Ray, Egon, and Dana heard Peter. Ray and Egon exchanged concern. Dana left the room. Peter's voice returned to normal once he saw Dana. He claimed Oscar had some sort of a clear liquid coming out of his mouth, too. Dana was amused and asked what he thought. Peter thought he was ugly but not Elephant Man ugly. He asked if his father was ugly. She implored Oscar not to listen. Peter joked he stunk, too, and spoke in a Mexican accent. Oscar giggled. Peter played along and asked him if his father was a smelly. He asked him what his name was. Dana told her it was Oscar. Peter lamented how he was named after a hot dog and sympathized. Dana asked him if he seriously found anything unusual. Peter admitted he did not have a lot of experience with babies. He then told Oscar his mama was going get a stool sample. Dana was confused. They laid Oscar down on the table. Egon wanted to perform some gynecological tests on Dana. Peter joked, "Who wouldn't?" Egon proposed they check out the street next. A short time later, Dana showed Peter, Egon, and Ray where the incident happened on First Avenue. She told them how the carriage stopped right in the middle of the crosswalk. Ray used a P.K.E. Meter on the spot where the carriage stopped and got a reading of 1,118. Egon used the Giga meter and got 2.5 GEVs. Dana asked them what that meant. Ray and Egon exchanged looks.

Dana checked on Oscar in his bedroom during the blackout Ray caused by accident. She had a lit candle and softly told him to go back to sleep. She heard a knock on her front door. She asked who it was. Janosz answered. Dana griped silently. She greeted Janosz and slightly opened her door. She noted his visit was a surprise. Janosz revealed he happened to be in the neighborhood, and I decided to stop by her apartment to check on her after the blackout happened. Dana stated they were fine and thanked him. Janosz asked how Oscar was. She replied he was okay. Janosz peeked in and vocalized. Dana informed him he was sleeping. Janosz covered his mouth with a hand in embarrassment. She told him it was okay. He asked her if she needed anything or wanted him to come in. She politely declined. Janosz reiterated he was just checking and quoted the "don't let the bedbugs bite" part of the old nursery rhyme. She wished him good night then closed the door and reapplied the various locks. After the Ghostbusters went back into business, Dana caught their new commercial one night. After the part with "LIMIT ONE PER FAMILY" flashing for the Ghostbusters Mug and Balloon, Dana grinned and shook her head.

In the Restoration room, the Vigo painting smiled at Dana as she walked by. His expression returned to normal just before she looked up. She was worried. Peter entered the room and found her cleaning a painting. He pulled the easel away and took a look. He complimented her work and her eyes. Dana was wearing magnifying lens. Dana corrected him. She did not paint it, she was just cleaning the Gauguin. Peter pretended he knew the artist. Janosz arrived and asked to be introduced. Dana presented Janosz to Peter and emphasized he was the head of the Restoration department as more of a warning. He saw the Vigo painting and went over to it, remarking he had a Gauguin, too. Janosz informed Peter he was preparing the portrait for the new Romantic exhibition and it was of Prince Vigo, the ruler of Carpathian and Moldavia. Peter imitated Vigo's pose, to Dana's amusement. Janosz went up on the step ladder. Peter remarked Vigo was a bit of a sissy. Janosz stated he was a very powerful magician and a genius in many ways. Dana added he was also a lunatic and a genocidal madman. She hated the painting and felt uncomfortable ever since it came up from storage. Peter theorized she was probably feeling what Vigo was: Carpathian kitten loss. He missed his kitten. Dana smiled while Peter grabbed some paint and pretended to add one by the castle. Janosz stood between Peter and Vigo. He was naturally put off by the suggestion of altering valuable artwork and believed it was time for him to go. He declared the joyfulness was over. Dana tried to tell him Peter was just kidding around. Peter noted he was not going to get a green card with that attitude. Peter walked away and turned to Dana. He jested she was sweet on the hunky stud. Dana admitted every now and then, she got the feeling that painting was watching her and even smiling at her. They noticed Janosz talking to Vigo and gesturing to them. They exchanged looks of concern.

While Dana prepared to give Oscar a bath like usual, the Psychomagnotheric Slime made another attempt to kidnap Oscar. She placed a board into the tub. Dana noted he got more food on his shirt than they did in his mouth. She turned the water on in the bathtub then tried to get Oscar excited for bath time, his favorite, because he got to splash her. She undressed Oscar while tickling him and making stomach-sucking sounds. The water suddenly stopped running and Psychomagnotheric ectoplasm poured in. Her back was to the tub and she had not noticed the ectoplasm. Dana unbuttoned and took off her shirt then picked Oscar up. She turned around and was horrified by the tub full of slime. It tried to move towards Oscar but the tub kept it immobile for the most part. She screamed and ran out the bathroom. She and Oscar fled to Peter's apartment. Dana pounded Peter's front door, yelled it was her and pleaded to be let in. Peter was jolted awake and wondered what was going on. She continued shouting. Peter opened the door. Dana came in. She was in a coat with Oscar inside. She was frantic and uttered she did not know where else to go then told him the bathtub was trying to eat Oscar. She cuddled Oscar. Peter tried to comfort her and told her she was all right. Dana told Oscar she would not let it get him. Peter assured her she was safe. Dana admitted she was terrified. Peter repeated she was all right now and took his coat off then threw it towards his couch. He told her to sit down and relax while he got them some clothes. Peter went to his phone, dialed, and closed the door. Ray answered. Peter told him Dana came over to his place because her tub tried to eat her. Ray and Egon went to investigate the apartment right away.

Dana wore one of Peter's blue shirts. He briefed her on what was going to happen next with Ray heading over to take a look at her apartment. Peter made him a diaper from one of Joe Namath's Jets sweatshirts. They went over to Peter's bedroom. He leaped onto the bed and bounced a few more times then posed and welcomed her inside. Dana asked about the sleeping arrangements. Peter proposed the best option for him was he lie on my side and she spoon up beside him with her arm draped over him. He demonstrated. Peter rolled over into position to demonstrate. She sat down. He countered if it was done the opposite way, he would choke on her hair in the night. She proposed he sleep on the sofa while she and Oscar slept on the bed. He was okay with that idea. She was eager to put him down for the night. Peter asked if he could. She obliged him. Peter told Oscar he was short, his belly button stuck out too far and he was a terrible burden on his poor mother. He pointed at Oscar then waved his finger around.

Dana and Oscar stayed there as the Ghostbusters continued their investigation. Dana took it upon herself to clean up Peter's place and even found his hamper. She finished taking a shower just as Peter returned. Dana alerted him that Oscar was asleep then asked about her apartment. Peter, with a straight face, told her the guys spent the whole night there, went through all her things and personal stuff, tried on some of her clothes, made some long-distance phone calls, and cleaned out the fridge. Dana cut him off and asked if they found anything. Peter conceded they only found a little bit of the pink slime. Dana asked what she was supposed to do now. Peter told her get dressed and get crazy with him on the streets of Manhattan. Dana was not so sure. Peter assured her it was exactly what she needed and he already had a babysitter. Dana was not so sure about leaving Oscar in a strange place with a strange person. Peter pointed out the babysitter was Janine. Dana inquired if Janine had experience babysitting. Peter handed her a bouquet of flowers and presented a suitcase. He revealed he brought some things from her apartment, a couple of provocative ensembles. Peter was able to convince Dana to go out to dinner with him. He was not allowed to use any of those old cheap moves on her. Peter promised he would not, he had all new cheap moves. They entered the bedroom to find Oscar awake. Dana baby talked to him. Peter informed Oscar he was going to have the whole place to himself that night and revealed he had some Laura Antonelli tapes around. He asked Dana if she saw some shirts in the "floor-bed" area. Dana revealed she placed them in the hamper. Peter was surprised he had a hamper. He took some of the clothes out of the hamper and asked her to tell him the next time she was going to do that. Dana pointed out they were dirty. Peter scoffed and stated he had more than two grades of laundry. He claimed there were many subtle levels. He took one shirt and claimed it could be hung outside the window for twenty minutes and it would be perfectly fine. Peter left the bedroom. Dana commented to Oscar he was an interesting role model. She kissed Oscar.

Dana stepped out of the apartment building and saw Peter talking to Ray, Egon, and Winston. Peter told her the guys were going underground to search for the River of Slime and asked if she wanted to blow off dinner and go with them. Dana smiled, walked to the edge of the sidewalk, and called out for a taxi. They went to Armand's Restaurant and further rekindled their relationship. Dana and Peter dined at Armand's. Dana proposed a toast to the most charming, kindest, and most unusual man she ever broke up with. They clinked glasses and drank. Peter inquired why she dumped him. She denied it and clarified she was protecting herself because he was not very good for her. She asked him if he knew that. Peter retorted he was not even good for him. Dana told him he was much better than he realized and did not give himself enough credit. He mused he needed to hear that kind of stuff and if he had that kind of support on a 24-hour-day basis, he would have himself whipped into shape by the end of this century. Dana teased he should give her a jingle in the year 2000. Peter countered with giving her a jingle right now. Dana and Peter kissed.

However, the romance was interrupted by the arrival of the other Ghostbusters. Covered in slime and wearing only their long underwear, they made little sense but Dana became alarmed when they revealed the slime flow was heading straight to the Manhattan Museum of Art. After the police took all four of them away, Dana returned to Peter's place and walked in on Louis and Janine making out. Louis rambled about how they were just baby-sitting, watching television, eating, and one thing led to another. Dana told him it was all right. Louis assured her it he did not know anything was going to happen. Janine got up and adjusted her dress. She asked Dana how her date went. Dana stated it was not date, it was just dinner. Louis asked where Peter was. Dana placed her purse down and informed them Peter was arrested. Janine found that typical. Dana asked if Peter called. Louis told her nobody called. Dana went to go check on Oscar after Janine told her they fed him a French bread pizza. Vigo had chosen Oscar to be his vessel and tasked Janosz with kidnapping him.

Louis, Janine, and Dana watched "The Lady from Shanghai". Janine asked if Elsa Bannister was the killer or not. Louis spouted out trivia about Rita Hayworth, the actress, portraying Elsa. Dana's expression and tone implied she wished they would leave. She assured them they did not have to stay and thought Peter would be back soon. Louis told her they did not mind. He asked Dana if she could see okay. There was a thunder clap outside. She checked her wrist watch then felt a draft and went to go check on Oscar. The bed was empty. She looked out the open window and exclaimed in horror. She found Oscar on the ledge outside the apartment and yelled for Louis. Dana crawled out onto the ledge and called out to Oscar. Louis came in the bedroom and popped in his head out the window then yelled out to Janine to call 911 immediately. Dana crawled across the ledge to Oscar. Dana only watched in horror as an ethereal Janosz swiped Oscar from the apartment window ledge. She lunged too late and missed Oscar. Dana recognized Janosz and went straight to the museum. Dana got out of her taxi and went into the museum. The doors sealed shut behind her and Psychomagnotheric slime flowed down and sealed up the building in an impenetrable shell. Dana entered the Restoration room, ran to Oscar, and picked him up from an altar. She was so relieved to be reunited with Oscar. Janosz revealed his presence and confessed he knew she would come. Dana warned him to stay away from them. Janosz promised her not to worry about Oscar being harmed. He revealed Oscar was chosen to be the vessel of the spirit of Vigo and she would be the mother of the ruler of the world. He asked if that sounded nice. Dana thought it sounded ludicrous and again warned him to stay away. Dana backed out of the circle of candles. Janosz mused they did not have a choice. He joked the painting in the room was not Gainsborough's "Blue Boy," he was Vigo. Dana refused to give up Oscar. She was telekinetically flung backwards and imprisoned by Vigo. Oscar floated back to the altar. Dana screamed to Oscar and called Vigo a bastard.

Janosz suggested she make the best of their relationship. Dana bluntly stated they had no relationship. Janosz exclaimed he knew that. He told her to marry him and they would raise Vigo as their son. He tried to illustrate the perks of being the mother to a living god like a magnificent apartment, a car, and free parking. Janosz opened the gate and allowed her back into the main space. He mused many marriages started with a certain amount of distance and suggested they could maybe learn to love each other. Dana played along and agreed. She slowly stepped out. They wore New Year's Eve party hats. Janosz noted it was four minutes until midnight. Dana worried about Oscar. A pinkish red ray shined from Vigo onto Oscar. Vigo's face started to overlay onto Oscar. Janosz was amazed. As the New Year arrived, the Ghostbusters arrived to save the world. Janosz and Dana heard a creak and looked up to see the Statue of Liberty above the skylight dome. Janosz shouted at it to go away. Dana grabbed Oscar off the altar. Vigo groaned and vanished. Dana hid behind a column with Oscar. She directed him to look up. The Ghostbusters rappelled down into the museum. Once Janosz passed out from being hosed down with positively charged slime, Dana came over to the Ghostbusters. She kissed Peter. Peter hugged them then greeted Oscar. Dana asked if Janosz was dead. Ray informed her their slime was positively charged and Janosz was going to wake up feeling like a million bucks. Peter noted Oscar was "a little bit ripe" and joked he thought he had an accident, too. The Restoration room's atmosphere turned eerie. A fixture suddenly crashed behind Egon and a black hose wrapped around Dana. She was restrained once more by Vigo. The Ghostbusters went to her but she yelled to them to get Oscar away. Ray wanted to get a knife to cut Dana out. Peter and Egon blasted him with their Particle Throwers but he counterattacked and all four Ghostbusters were immobilized on the floor. Vigo found Oscar's location soon after. Dana was scared and implored the Ghostbusters to do something. Peter did his best to stall Vigo by heckling him and luckily, the singing of bystanders outside weakened Vigo. Peter reunited Oscar with Dana and advised her to take cover. Once Vigo was defeated, Dana and Oscar went outside the museum with the Ghostbusters. She attended a special ceremony on Liberty Island weeks later in honor of the Statue of Liberty and Ghostbusters.

Between Ghostbusters II and Ghostbusters: Afterlife

At a point between 1990 and 2021, Peter and Dana got married but she kept her maiden name.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

In June 2021, Dana subjected Peter to the Electro-Shock Generator in their home in upstate New York.[Note 1] Dana held up the three vertical wavy lines Zener card and asked him what the card was. Peter closed his eyes and concentrated. He saw two then firmly stated he saw three wavy lines. She revealed the card to him and found it amazing. Peter contended she was amazing with her ability to flood his psychic powers. Dana held up another card then brought up how she could not believe he used to shock his students. Peter admitted he only zapped the guys. Dana switched on the generator and Peter got zapped. He admitted he now knew it was flawed science. Dana asked him him if he was ready for the next card. Peter guessed it was the hollow five-pointed star. She placed the card down in amazement and asked how he was doing it. Peter brought up the belief that true love imbues a subject with abilities. She zapped him again and asked him if he marked the cards. He denied it. She repeated the question. He nodded and admitted he did. She zapped him again. He recoiled in pain. Dana tapped the box on both sides and smiled. She declared the machine worked well.

Secondary Canon History

Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions)

After the Ghostbusters return to the Firehouse with the Gozerian Codex, they attempt to make sense of the Mandala. Ilyssa Selwyn reveals a connection it has with Ivo Shandor and his firm's renovations and public works. Egon Spengler mentions Dana and Central Park West.[5] Ray also later mentions both when the team discusses the Mandala upon returning from the Natural History Museum.[6] When the Ghostbusters arrive at Central Park, they see Psychokinetic Atmospheric Influence coming from Shandor's mausoleum. Winston answers Egon's hint that it looks very similar to what happened atop Dana Barrett's building when Gozer first arrived.[7]

IDW Comic Series

For several weeks after the Gozer incident, Dana and Louis retained mild aggressive tendencies and a taste for rare meat.[8] Weeks after the Gozer incident, Rebecca Morales met with Dana at a diner. Dana correctly guessed what advice Louis gave her then mused it felt like years, not weeks since the incident. She wasn't sure she wanted to talk about everything that happened but promised to answer what she could. Dana recalled Peter told her they technically started out at Columbia University. She admitted she didn't see any of the Ghostbusters as professors, not with students. She stopped herself and asked Rebecca not to put that in the book. Dana met with Rebecca again. She told Dana about Janine's warning that Peter could get cagey when questioned. Dana replied that assessment wasn't wrong and noted his habit of deflecting. She speculated it had to do with Peter studying Psychology to get better at it. She informed Rebecca that Peter joked, tried to anger, or digressed in an odd direction if he didn't like where a conversation was heading. She had no idea why. Rebecca revisited the Thorazine. Dana stated she didn't want that in the book but for the record, she was given a prescription to cure her hiccups.[9] She remembered how Peter reminded her of a game show host.

Some time after the Vigo incident, Dana and Oscar moved into a new apartment at 76 East 85th Street. With Oscar getting older, Dana returned to the orchestra. Every time the Ghostbusters took down a major threat, the paparazzi would descend on them. Peter knew the public attention wasn't good for Dana or Oscar; he tried to do his best for them, but it put a strain on their relationship.[10][11][12] Dana and Peter broke up again. Tabloids reported Dana left Peter for an alien.[13] During Winston's wedding, Dana was on the phone to her mother, discussing Oscar spending time with his father. All of a sudden, Dana found herself in Tiamat's Dimension and encountered Tiamat and her Terror Birds. At first, Dana refused to admit a repeat of what had happened to her when Gozer threatened Earth, was happening again, and tried to flee. One of the Terror Birds caught her and wounded her leg. Tiamat asked Dana if being Zuul's host was fate or a coincidence, but Dana was in denial. Next instant, Dana found herself back in her kitchen, her mother still on the phone. Dana assured her she was okay, saying something had come up and she had to go. Dana's leg was bleeding where the Terror Bird had scratched her.

Dana didn't go straight to the Ghostbusters for help as she wanted to keep Oscar safe and to not see Peter. She didn't want the supernatural to mess up her life again. Instead, she called Janine and the two met up at the Pequod's on Columbus next day. Dana gave Janine an updated photo of Oscar, then revealed the wound on her leg. The small talk was disrupted by vehicles floating around outside. Janine respected Dana's request to be discreet and asked her to leave her address on voice mail. Later that day, Dana was visited by Special Agent Melanie Ortiz and Kylie Griffin. Kylie advised Dana to leave the apartment for a few days and stay at the Waltz-Partington Hotel. While she finished packing, Dana phoned her mother and assured her everything was fine. However, Dana discovered a supernaturally-formed brick wall barred her exit, trapping her in the apartment.

In an attempt to free herself, Dana kicked the brick wall only to be met by Tiamat and her Birds on the other side. Dana tried to escape but was restrained and possessed by the female Terror Bird. On Tiamat's instruction, possessed Dana called Peter, all with intention to lure the Ghostbusters. Once they were all gathered outside the apartment, the possessed Louis Tully and Dana Barrett greeted them. Dana was returned to normal after the Ghostbusters crossed the streams to defeat Tiamat. A couple of weeks later, Dana agreed to go to the Firehouse for testing to make sure she wasn't still possessed. During the examination, Dana asked Egon what was going on between him and Janine, but he refused talking about it. Once sprayed with positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime, the Terror Bird took over and manifested along with Louis.

Egon and Kylie extracted the Female Terror Bird from Dana and safely trapped it. After Egon cleared Louis and Dana, Peter had a moment alone with her. Peter insisted a life of being dogged by Papparazzi wasn't good for Dana and Oscar, despite both missing him. Peter playfully rebuked Dana for seeking help behind his back and informed her this case wouldn't count on her customer loyalty card. Concerned about the noise in the other room, Dana tried to ask Kylie what was going on but was quickly escorted downstairs; the other Ghostbusters tried to deal with Ray, who was possessed by both Gozer and Tiamat. At the conclusion of the Tiamat incident, Dana had Ray double check her apartment for any trace of psychokinetic energy then returned to her day-to-day life.

Tertiary Canon History

IDW Deviations

In an alternate timeline, the Ghostbusters choose not to cross the streams. 31 days later, they agreed to help Gozer shed his Destructor Form and return home. As a compromise, Gozer agreed to halfway restore Dana and Louis. Dana was upset to still have the lower half of Zuul's Terror Dog body. They used Tempore Ruga to send Gozer back in time to before Ray chose the form. In the meantime, Dana helped rip Mini Pufts in half. The timeline corrected itself. Dana regained consciousness. Peter informed her she turned into a dog and came onto him. She didn't believe him on both counts. Roughly an hour later, back at the Firehouse, Dana questioned the age of the Chinese takeout everyone was eating.

88MPH Comic Series

Six months after Gozer's defeat, Dana and Peter's relationship was getting rocky. Before leaving on Thursday for the Muncie Music Society's Mozart Festival in Indiana, Dana hoped to spend time with Peter. However, during dinner with Louis, Peter dashed off to join a bust. Peter took her out to the Fireman's Ball. While trying to announce she was promoted to first cello, Dana became frustrated by Peter and his lack of focus. She stormed out of the ball and took a cab home. After Michael Draverhaven was defeated, Peter went to see Dana. Louis attempted to bribe Peter to leave Dana but he declined. Peter offered his cell phone battery to Dana as a gift, implying he finally realized what was wrong. She invited Peter in.


  • Dana Barrett's character first appeared in Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis' first collaborative draft because they realized the story needed a love interest. She was originally an alien fugitive from another dimension which transforms itself into human female form after watching a Diet Coke commercial.[14][15] Aykroyd and Ramis soon realized the romance was funny but not very romantic.
  • In the first collaborative draft, in one scene, Peter was to awake and find Dana in the form of a warthog.[16]
  • Aykroyd and Ramis eventually decided to make the love interest a client of the Ghostbusters and thus give more personal motivation for Peter at the same time.[17]
  • Julia Roberts auditioned for the role.[18]
  • Denise Crosby and Daryl Hannah also auditioned for the role.
  • Ronnie Carol, Merete Van Kamp, and Anna Jemison also auditioned for the role.[19]
  • Dana Barrett was originally a model but Sigourney Weaver suggested it would be more interesting if she were a musician. According to Harold Ramis, Weaver's suggestions really grew and strengthened the character.[20][21]
  • Dana Barrett's wardrobe was based on costume designer Theoni Aldredge's.[22]
  • Dana files her own tax returns.
  • A package of Stay-Puft Marshmallows can be seen on her counter when the eggs she buys near the beginning of the movie start exploding.
  • Sigourney Weaver suggested Dana's "game show host" and "You are so odd" lines.[23][24]
  • Theoni Aldredge chose a lavender dress for when Dana was possessed by Zuul but Bill Murray suggested orange. Aldredge and Suzy Benzinger took influence from "Flashdance" went with a Jennifer Beals sort of dress.[25]
  • For possessed Dana's hair, Sigourney Weaver suggested that it should look like she was electrified, other-earthly, and unlike anything Dana would logically do.[26]
  • Dana's rooftop costume at the end of the movie wasn't assigned during early location shooting so Weaver was simply given a robe, leaving the audience to assume she picked it up on the way downstairs.[27]
  • In Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular, Dana has a pillow embroidered with "Souvenir of Fort Hood, Texas." It was from Dana's uncle, who was in the army.[28] Dana's father was a railroad worker for the Boston and Maine, invalided off on a pension. She has two brothers named Doug and Davey. Doug is a The Boston Globe reporter and Davey is center field for the San Diego Padres Major League baseball team.[29]
  • In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft, Dana Barrett was replaced with a new love interest for Peter named Lane Walker.[30]
    • Lane works as a sales associate at Nu Kloze, a contemporary fashion boutique that specializes in very expensive French and Italian designs with the baggiest trousers and the roomiest jackets available, on Madison Avenue.[31][32]
    • Lane goes on a date with Peter to see the Bolshoi Ballet perform "Giselle" at the Lincoln Center's Vivian Beaumont Theater and have a late dinner at Memphis.[33][34][35]
  • It got to the point that auditions were held for the role of Lane Walker and Bill Murray took part in Ghostbusters II scene reads.[36]
  • It has been speculated that the Violinist is the father of Oscar:
  • At the start of Ghostbusters II, a Wise Popcorn Tender Eating Baby Corn can be seen in one of her grocery bags.
  • In the November 27, 1988 draft, on page 18, Dana shakes Egon's hand and leaves the Institute whereas in the movie Dana kisses him on the cheek and leaves.
  • In the first museum scene in the November 27, 1988 and February 27, 1989 drafts:
    • On page 12, Janosz stares longingly at Dana as he works on the Vigo painting.
    • On page 13, Dana works on restoring a Turner, a 19th century landscape painting. Dana apologizes for being late and promises to have the Turner done by the end of the day. Janosz assures her it's okay because it's a 150 year old painting. She forces a polite laugh then admits she's planning on returning to the orchestra so he tries to ask her out for lunch. The Vigo turns its head when Dana mentions her baby.
    • On page 15, the appointment Dana left work at the Manhattan Museum of Art for after Janosz tried to ask her out turns out to be her meeting with Egon at the Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research. The scenes were switched around in the actual movie.
  • In the November 27, 1988 and February 27, 1989 drafts:
    • On page 22, Peter remarks he knew Dana would come crawling back to him and is hurt she didn't call him first. He asks her is she's seen his show. She replies she has and that's why she didn't call.
  • When the scene about Oscar's examination begins, Dana is two to three minutes into performing Joseph Haydn's "Cello Concerto No. 1" in C Major the first movement (Moderato).
  • In the Ghostbusters II deleted scene Dana's Curse, Egon theorizes Dana has a genetically-linked etheric emanation that predisposes her to paranormal vulnerability.[40]
  • In the September 29, 1988 draft, during the blackout,
    • On page 29, Lane Walker lights candles in her apartment and listens to news on a transistor radio. She gets a phone call from Jason Locke. He asks her if she needs anything and wants him to come in. She tells him 'No, everything's fine' than after she is staring into candlelight, alone and afraid.
  • In the November 27, 1988 and February 27, 1989 drafts, during the blackout:
    • On page 37, after she locks her door, Dana stands there staring into candlelight, alone and afraid, then Jansoz walks off with lights projected from his eyes.
  • In the September 29, 1988 draft, Lane is attacked in her bathroom first then Peter visits her at the museum.
    • On page 59, Lane takes off her robe. The slime coalesces into a large frog-like creature. She starts to step into the tub and sees the creature. She plugs in a hairdryer, turns it on, and drops it in the tub, electrocuting the creature then she flees. Rudy lets Peter into the museum early next morning to talk to Lane. Mikey, the precursor to Oscar, is near her in an infant seat.
    • On page 60, Lane reveals she stayed at a hotel overnight. Peter informs her he sent Ray over to investigate. He notices the Vigo painting then tells her she can stay over at his place. He maintains things will be strictly professional.
    • On page 61, Peter attempts to cheer Lane up and fools around with her tools. He thinks the Van Meer she is restoring needs more yellow.
  • In the November 27, 1988 and February 27, 1989 drafts, Peter visits Dana at the museum then Ray and Egon share their findings on the slime in the Firehouse, followed by a solo Dana scene:
    • On page 55, Dana tells Peter she's restoring an original Ver Meer worth $10 million. Peter jokes should knock off early and let him chase her around in the park. Peter suggests $45 paintings from Art World.
    • On page 57, Peter jokes the Vigo not something you'd want to hang in the rec room and reckons it needs a fluffy little white kitten in the corner. Janosz grabs his arm. Peter advises him to make an exception. Dana looks at him with disapproval.
    • On page 58, Peter teases her she has a crush on Janosz. Dana calls him a very sick man.
    • On page 68, Vigo turns his head and watches Dana go back to her workbench. She turns suddenly and catches a movement. She leaves the studio.
      • In the February 27, 1989 draft, Dana just tells Peter good-bye. Peter says he would like to stay but he doesn't have time to hang around.
  • The Gauguin Dana was cleaning before Peter arrives was the Still Life with onions, beet root and Japanese print.
  • In the November 27, 1988 draft:
    • On page 68, Dana brings Oscar to the bathroom. She is wearing a robe over her nightgown. She turns on the tap water and doesn't notice it switch to slime. She turns off the faucet without looking in the tub and squirts in bubble bath. As she lowers Oscar, the tub starts to close around him like a big mouth.
    • On page 69, Dana and Peter have a longer talk at his front door after the Slime in Bathtub Attack. Dana then tells him about how she caught Vigo looking at her.
  • In the September 29, 1988 draft:
    • On page 67, Peter sees Lane Walker in the shower. She is tastefully blurred through the transparent vinyl curtain. He checks on the sleeping Mikey then bumps into Lane. He proposes they go out on a date.
    • On page 68-70, Peter shaves in the shower while Lane puts on makeup in the bathroom. Lane offers to finish in the bedroom. Peter quips he hopes they both do. She doesn't hear him then flushes a Kleenex, jolting him in the shower. They discuss sleeping arrangements. He notes her hair will be getting in his face all night. She suggests he sleep on the couch.
  • In the November 27, 1988 draft:
    • On page 82, Peter sees Dana in the shower. She is tastefully blurred through the transparent vinyl curtain. He checks on the sleeping Oscar then bumps into Dana.
  • In the September 28, 1988 draft:
    • On page 75, Peter sings his New Year's resolution not to change. Lane Walker's resolution is to get a Master's degree in Fine Arts, save money to move to the country, and to stop getting involved with men who aren't good for her. Peter asks he should get out of her life in the morning and he isn't good for himself. They are about to kiss but Dana Barrett sees them.
    • On page 76, it turns out Dana and Lane know each other. They both went to Bennington College and Dana used to date Lane's brother.
    • On page 77, Dana's date at the restaurant is revealed to be Sting. Peter asks him what he does for work.
  • In the November 27, 1988 draft:
    • On page 91, Dana tells Peter her New Year's resolution is to stop getting involved with men who aren't good for her.
    • On page 91, Peter leans in to kiss Dana but she thinks she should call Janine. Peter promises she has a special way with children.
  • The scene in Armand's with just Dana and Peter at their table was the last scene Sigourney Weaver filmed.[41] It would end up being deleted from the final cut.[42]
  • In the November 27, 1988 draft, on page 95, after Ray, Egon, and Winston tell Peter and Dana about the slime flow, she suggests they talk someplace else but the police arrive and tells the Ghostbusters they are out of uniform.
  • In the February 27, 1989 draft, in page 95, after the Ghostbusters are arrested, Peter tells Dana to finish the dessert and it's all paid for.
  • In the August 5, 1988 draft, on page 95, Winston walks in on Louis and Janine making out and retorts he 'knows what you were doing'.
  • In the September 29, 1988 draft:
    • On page 94, Lane Walker is cooking pasta but Peter is in a rush to get back to the Firehouse. They hug and kiss.
    • On page 95, Peter tells Slimer to beat it. Slimer gestures incoherently. Peter pulls down a window shade. Slimer comes inside and mimes and grunts. Lane starts to get it.
    • On page 96, Slimer gestures a cradling baby. They check and the crib is empty. Slimer beckons them to come outside with him. They discover Mikey is outside on the ledge.
    • On page 97, Peter goes out on the ledge and tells Mikey he has his whole life ahead of him. A nanny ghost materializes and its face looks like Jason's. They briefly fight but Jason kidnaps Oscar.
  • In the November 27, 1988 draft, on page 103, Dana is alone and half-watching a game show on TV when she feels a gust. She finds the crib empty and climbs out onto the ledge after Oscar only for Janosz in his ghost nanny form to appear and kidnap him.
  • Thom Enriquez storyboarded an early version of the scene. It involved Slimer trying to warn Louis that Oscar was on the ledge but he was trying to make out with Janine. Louis looks over her shoulder and sees Slimer making a bunch of gestures. Peter and Dana return home and see the baby was missing. They look out the window and see the baby on the ledge with a monster. Peter goes onto the ledge and grabs the baby. Dana hands him a baseball bat and he swings at the monster.[43]
  • In the November 27, 1988 draft, on page 106, Egon thinks Dana's psychic vulnerability to hostile entities was passed onto her baby.
    • On page 117, Dana tries to take Oscar but an unseen force pushes her back into her chair.
    • On page 120, Janosz references Gainsborough's Blue Boy after Dana objects to Janosz saying Vigo will rule the world.
    • On page 121, after Janosz suggests marriage, Dana tells him she'd rather not think about it.
  • In the September 29, 1988 draft, Lane Walker waits outside the museum then on page 109, runs up to them and kisses Mikey.
    • On page 110, Peter and Lane kiss. She then kisses the others.
    • On pages 111, Peter says his family was little bit of everything due to the Venkman women sleeping around. Lane thought it was a terrible thing to say. Peter quips it's a free country.
  • In the February 27, 1989 version of the Ghostbusters II script, during the epilogue scene, Dana states her ancestors were in America since 1620.[44][45]
  • She and Louis Tully are the only major characters to not return in Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
  • Unlike Tully, however, Dana never appeared in the animated series.
  • Dana is referenced in What in Samhain Just Happened?! on page 17. A party attendee is dressed as Dana appeared after the Ghostbusters defeated Gozer and pulled her from Zuul's remains.
  • Dana's game show host line from the first movie is referenced in Peter's biography on a Dramatis Personae Page in Ghostbusters Annual 2017.
  • On the Retailer Exclusive Cover of Ghostbusters: Funko Universe, Dana Barrett in the red dress she first wore while possessed by Zuul.
  • On page 12 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, in panel 4, on the left is the panel from the ATC team's Containment Unit that referenced Dana Barrett and Vinz Clortho in the 2016 movie.
  • On page 3 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #1, on the far right is the Recent Ingestation screen with the D. Barrett and V. Clortho nod from Chapter 16 of the 2016 movie.
  • On page 7 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2, Peter reveals Dana doesn't like broccoli.[46]
  • On Cover B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #4, on the lower level and to the right of Vigo by the brushes is Dana's last name.
  • On page 10 of Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: Extreme Ghostbusters, left of Peter Venkman in panel 5 is a frame of Dana Barrett.
  • In the Quickbooks "Happy Business: Ghostbusters All in One Place" online spot, released on December 27, 2019, Janine allocates a $2000 payment from Dana to payroll on her smart phone.
  • On page one of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #1, Dana's outfit is from Chapter 16: Dogs Drag Dana, right before she gets taken by Zuul.
  • On page 1 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2, once again, Dana is in the outfit she wore right before she gets taken by Zuul.
  • On page 11 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2, in panel 3, on Peter's locker door is an official 8x10 photograph of Sigourney Weaver in costume as Dana from the first movie.
  • On Cover B of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3 is a Post-It note reminder to meet Dana Barrett after practice and bring flowers, a nod to Peter's bouquet in Chapter 19: Peter's Date with Zuul.
  • On page 2 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3:
    • Dana's outfit is based on an outfit worn by Sigourney Weaver's character Lauren Slaughter in the 1986 movie "Half Moon Street".
    • Dana's instrument case is to her left, it was seen in Chapter 14: Welcome Aboard.
    • Dana mentions Thorazine. It was what Peter used on her when Zuul was in possession of her. Peter mentions it in Chapter 20: Keymaster.
      • It is revealed in this canon, the Thorazine Peter used was prescribed to Dana for hiccups.
    • Dana alludes to when she saw the Temple of Gozer and Terror Dogs in her refrigerator in Chapter 6: Spook Central.
  • On page 4 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3, Dana recalls telling Peter he reminded her of game show host in Chapter 10: Checking Out Dana.


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