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Danny Phantom Series is based on a boy with powers to become a ghost, and family of Ghosthunters.

Episodes of Importance

Mystery Meat

The Lunch Lady Ghost says the line "Then Perish!" which is what Gozer said.

Million Dollar Ghost

There are three references to Ghostbusters related concepts. The first being the team known as the "Extreme Ghost Breakers" which the term Extreme (as in "Extreme Ghostbusters") is used. The second reference was the device known as an Fenton Weasel visually looks based on the Specter Detector from The Real Ghostbusters which was based on the Ghost Sniffer from the first Ghostbusters Movie. Third reference is the Fenton Ghost Gloves which seem to be based on Mass Makers.

Urban Jungle

During the episode, Danny confronts the ghost named Undergrowth and says "As the duly deputized protector of Amity Park..." This is a possible reference to Ray Stantz's speech to Gozer in the first film "As a duly designated representative of the City, Country and State of New York..."

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