Dark was a large ghost who resembled a giant centipede and served the Ghostmaster.[2]


Dark was one of the entities sent by the Ghostmaster to capture the Ghostbusters alive. After the Ghostbusters trapped Animax and Mist Crawler, they decided to upgrade security so that they would be ready for the next ghost that tried to ambush them.

Unfortunately, Dark was more intelligent than his two cohorts and disguised himself as a weird-looking man in a suit. He used a picture of a man with a mohawk on the cover of a Punk Cinema magazine as reference. Dark was accompanied by a small white orb that he planned to use to capture the Ghostbusters. He managed to get past the Ghostbusters' security system by hypnotizing Janine Melnitz through the camera feed and then shrunk the team. He managed to catch them with his orb, but they escaped thanks to Slimer's intervention.

After a long chase and escaping Dark, the Ghostbusters returned to the Firehouse and found a spell from Egon Spengler's copy of "Big Red Book of Ancient Spells" to return them to normal size. Slimer, who was grown to gigantic size from one of the spells, slammed against Dark, causing the ghost to lose his concentration and reveal his true form. He was then busted by the Ghostbusters, who were restored to normal. After Dark's capture, the Ghostmaster appeared on the Ghostbusters' television and vowed revenge.


The Real Ghostbusters


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