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The Dark Matter Generator is an integrated part of the Proton Pack that is used.

Dark Matter Generator


Shock Blast


The Shock Blast is powerful at close range but less potent the further you are from the target, like a shotgun. It runs on dark matter.

The Shock Blast expels a conical pattern of stripped Dark Matter particles that diffuse quickly in atmosphere. It is very powerful at close range but less accurate and less potent the farther you are from your target. It works well on inbound ghosts and vapor swarms or near-proximity entities.

The Shock Blast attachment transforms your Neutrona Wand into a Dark Matter blaster. This device is best used to deal damage against small groups in close quarters. It's especially effective against Scuttlers, Book Bats, and other swarming enemies. At long distance it is nearly entirely useless, so stick to your Blast Stream for fending off foes from afar.

Stasis Stream


This weapon was also used in The GhostBusters: The Video Game to immobilize certain kinds of obstacles and all kinds of normal ghosts.

The Stasis Stream emits a high-capacity stream of order-reversing particles that hypobond to Ectoplasmic matter, effectively immobilizing ghosts. The Stasis Stream has nothing to do with cold, but the end result is similar to freezing them.

While this device won't disperse any creatures by itself, it effectively "freezes" enemies in their place (or, at the very least, slows them), allowing you to either get away or to switch to a more powerful tool and dish out more damage. This equipment is also handy for freezing objects like ectoplasmic webs and even Shandor's protective obelisks!




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