David Margulies portrayed Mayor Lenny in Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II.

Film and Television Roles


  • David Margulies auditioned for the role of the Mayor in New York with Ivan Reitman present. The next day, he found out he got the role.[1]
  • David Margulies credits Bill Murray for suggesting the first name basis between Mayor Lenny and the Archbishop and for coming up with the name "Lenny."[2][3]
  • David Margulies finished doing "Cafe Crown" on Broadway then took a flight to California the next morning to start filming for Ghostbusters II.[4]
  • Mayor Lenny was originally in another Ghostbusters II scene that involved ghosts "bleeding" through walls. David Margulies filmed outside the U.S. Customs House in New York with 400 to 500 extras and the ILM crew on set.[5] Ultimately, ILM could not do the ghost FX shot. A replacement scene was devised, the scene where Mayor Lenny mentions he had a discussion with the ghost of Fiorello La Guardia. It was done 4 weeks before Ghostbusters II's release.[6]
  • Mayor Lenny was originally going to appear in Ghostbusters: The Video Game with Margulies set to reprise the role but Terminal Reality Creative Director Drew Haworth came up with a plan B to get Bill Murray on board by meeting with Brian Doyle-Murray. Margulies' contract was terminated. Doyle-Murray was hired to play the mayor. He was brought in to look at the game and his character. Doyle-Murray was skeptical they did this for all the actors. Terminal created a likeness of him. They talked to him about the game. He asked about his brother. Doyle-Murray liked the game. At the end of the meeting, he realized they wanted him to tell Murray he thought the game was good. Melchior admitted to the ulterior motives. Within two days, Bill Murray's attorney contacted Vivendi with news he agreed to reprise his role.[7]
    • This is also evident on page 20 of the October 8, 2007 third draft of the revised cut-scene script, where Peter Venkman refers to the Mayor as Lenny.[8]


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