Dead Fish Flier is from the Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions). For strategy on defeating him, go to Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick Level (realistic version) article.

According to Tobin's Spirit GuideEdit

  • Category: Class I Inhabiting Swarmer
  • Type: Corporeal (dispersible)
  • Behaviors:


These minor spirits seem to be subservient to a greater entity's will and have been driven to protect it by possessing and controlling a variety of fish market castoffs. Like other Class I Swarmers, Dead Fish Fliers are quick but fairly weak creatures that, once disrupted, quickly fade back into the depths of the ghost world.

Contact Protocol:Edit

Dead Fish Fliers are more akin to pesky flies than feisty fish. It doesn't take much to disperse them, simply aim your Proton Stream at them and let loose.

Manifestation Protocol:Edit

  • Hotel Sedgewick (first visit)


Dead Fish Fliers are colorful fish with the head and body of a fish bone.