The Demi-Dog[1][2] was a giant, pug-like demon with red eyes whose appearance in the city caused the dogs all around to turn into monstrous versions of themselves. The team captured it, only to face its owner, The Mistress.


Demi-Dog, pet of the Mistress, is a powerful entity and searches for new worlds for its master to conquer. In 1997, the Mistress broadcast a controlling frequency to New York City and remotely possessed the city's dogs. Demi-Dog guided the Remotely Possessed Dogs to do its bidding and bring it all the garbage they could find. It then compiled the trash into huge piles around Times Square. When the Extreme Ghostbusters arrived, Demi-Dog was uninterested in them until they blasted it. Once Egon Spengler broadcast Slimer's recorded scream, Demi-Dog recoiled and allowed Kylie Griffin enough time to set a Trap and capture the entity. Its hold on the possessed dogs was released but the Mistress arrived soon after. It was also revealed that Demi-Dog was a male.

Powers and Abilities

When scanning the Demi-Dog, the P.K.E. Meter read full bars and showed unbelievable P.K.E. spikes.[3] Proton Stream also failed to wrangle and confine it but the Trap was still effective.

Demi-Dog can emit a vapor that controls possessed dogs. Under its control, the dogs displayed sophisticated intelligence and organization. It can even direct the dogs to employ group tactics.


  • The name "Demi-Dog" is a pun on the word "demi-god".


Extreme Ghostbusters


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