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Deputy Medjuck is an officer with the Summerville County Sheriff's Department in Summerville.


In summer 2021, Deputy Medjuck was eating dinner with another officer in the Enjoy Garden Restaurant. She stood up after Ecto-1 zoomed by outside. Some time later, she was at the front desk in headquarters when Callie Spengler and Gary Grooberson arrived. Callie asked where her children were. Medjuck answered they were in the lockup. Callie stated her children were not criminals. Medjuck believed her but she was being sarcastic. Sheriff Domingo stepped out of his office and informed Callie her children were charged with driving without a license, driving with an expired registration, speeding, and destroying half of Main Street. Phoebe Spengler and Trevor Spengler were brought out and Callie filled out the release form. Phoebe protested to all the equipment being kept in the sheriff's impound locker and stated they caught a ghost. Deputy Medjuck snickered and remarked the rumors about the Dirt Farmer and his family was true. Phoebe warned them there would be more ghosts. Domingo commented she was starting to sound like her lunatic grandfather. Phoebe heard enough and aimed the Particle Thrower at him. Medjuck and the other officer naturally got alarmed. Callie defused the situation and handed the thrower to Domingo.


  • Deputy Medjuck is named after Joe Medjuck.
  • Deputy Medjuck is portrayed by one of Dan Aykroyd's daughters, Stella Aykroyd.




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