Destricon and Lucifus[2] are two Slime Bats who serve Count Von Blukenporken.


When Count Von Blukenporken set out to capture one last ghost and steal its ectoplasm, he summoned Destricon and Lucifus to aid him. Destricon and Lucifus mainly helped to try and corner Slimer and distract the Ghostbusters from firing on their master. However, in the final battle with the Count, Estegan and Rucifus were knocked out with a shield by Slimer.


  • In the episode "Guess What's Coming to Dinner," Destricon and Lucifus are seen among the ghosts that escape when Foul Grungie inadvertently jammed the Containment Unit.
    • In "My Left Fang," we only saw Slimer knock them out when the Count called for their help shortly before his defeat, though it is possible that the Ghostbusters captured them after they destroyed the Count and gave the ghosts their slime back.


The Real Ghostbusters


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