The Devil's Bend [1] is an ominous sounding bend located somewhere in Oregon. It became infamous for winding a lot in middle and motorists running afoul of the Phantom Truck Driver.


While driving through Devil's Bend, Laura Parr was rammed by a Phantom Truck Driver and died. Nearly 20 years later, Peter Venkman was given directions on how to get back onto the Interstate Highway which included going through Devil's Bend. Peter was unaware of the local lore and quickly proceeded to the Bend. Along the way, he picked up a hitch hiker, Laura Parr. Peter agreed to take her northeast to Twin Ridges, where her parents lived. They were soon pursued by the Phantom Truck Driver and survived. They managed to wreck the Phantom Big Rig and capture the ghost.


IDW Comics


  1. Zeke (2012). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Issue #10" (2012) (Comic p.21). Zeke says: "There's a plenty you can go, but Devil's Bend'll take you to Metheson and have you back on the Interstate in no time."


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