Devin Grayson is a writer based in the Bay Area of California who has contributed to IDW Comics.


Devin Grayson currently lives in Northern California with her husband, step-son, and cat. In her free time, Grayson does nonprofit work for GLBTQ rights, medical service dog fostering, and T1 diabetes awareness.


Devin Grayson began her career in 1997 at DC Comics and is known for writing various titles, including "Batman: Gotham Knights," "The Titans," the Vertigo series "USER," and "Nightwing." In March 2000, "Batman: Gotham Knights" debuted and Grayson became the first woman to create, launch and write a new, ongoing Batman title. "USER" starred a character who explored her gender identity by role-playing as a male knight in an online RPG.[1] It earned Grayson the nomination for the 2001 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comic Book. In 2005, she wrote "Matador," a creator-owned miniseries for DC's Wildstorm label. In addition to comics, Grayson also writes novels, short stories, video game scripts, and essays, consults for Entertainment Industry, teaches, guest-lectures internationally.

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  • Devin Grayson is an avid gamer.


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